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I have just found a pic on Statigram of one of my manips that I made the other week with writing on it, (with my tag sort of visible still) and then this girl has the audacity to add her own tag onto the picture! 74 more words


A Force to be reckoned with: religion in Star Wars

It is difficult to say if the Force is one true religion or something tangible. Or could it be both? It certainly has the Prophecy part which involves a destiny that cannot be unchanged; even if he collapsed to the Dark Side, Anakin erased Palpatine while under the disguise of Darth Vader. 381 more words

Cultural Influences

Honour in Death: the funeral customs in Star Wars

There are funeral customs represented in the Star Wars film, two to be exact: the first and most important one, which seems to be the most followed tradition, is that of the cremation of the body. 476 more words

Cultural Influences

Star Wars Episode Blog: The Addiction Continues

Ever since I was a little young lad, I have been a huge Star Wars fan. There is something about the series that I feel a connection too, where I could relate to some of the struggles that Luke Skywalker had to face, or how Darth Vader (a.k.a Anakin Skywalker) had so much conflict in Episodes 2 and 3. 546 more words

Anakin Skywalker

Jedi Fighters Wallpaper

brilliant pictures of obi wans and anakins jedi fighters as wallpaper … what more could a star wars fan ask for

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Episode 3 Wallpaper

featuring all of our favourite characters from episode 3 (well most of them anyway) … a great wallpaper to use this is!

Hot Star Wars Girls

Skywalker & Amidalla Wallpaper

this one also looks great on your wallpaper! its that cast down look on Padme’s face that gets me on this one … that and the lightsaber almost a red shade coming on … hmmmm! brilliantly done!

Sexy Star Wars Babes