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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I love Star Wars.

Hold on, I need to correct that last sentence. What I meant to say was:


There, that’s better. 535 more words


13 Schools That Would've Literally Killed You

School sucks…but these school suck more.

Sunnydale High School, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A student legit died every single day. If you weren't murdered by a demon, possessed student, vampire, hellhound or rogue slayer, you could always die at graduation when the school literally blows up. 115 more words


Arthur Harkness Presents: Arthur Has The Golden Ticket…and It's Covered In Blood

Let me say this first. I am not a violent man. Most of the time, I actually hate when things come to blows, unless it’s in a fictional universe where no one is actually getting hurt. 2,408 more words


Darth Vader

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My dad is an avid nerd in many things and was determined to make me one too when I was a small child. 187 more words

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Medichlorians. They are the key to the Star Wars universe. Roughly 3,000 and you can be trained as a Jedi, Sith, or in any of a number of other Force groups. 576 more words

Comic Book Heroes

Star Wars Jedi: In Order of Hotness

*DISCLAIMER: This article does not include female Jedi because I am a homosexual and they are all far too fabulous to be able to rank (looking at you Shaak Ti). 899 more words

Villains of Star Wars

For six consecutive Star Wars movies, the threat looming over all of our heroes has been posed by Darth Vader (or the threat of the eventual existence of Darth Vader, because in The Phantom Menace, he looked like a child). 389 more words