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Whatever is Best, Dad: Part Two of Our Father

by Rich Moreland, July 2014

A delightful installment in Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales series, Our Father proves once again that Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell are among the most creative filmmakers in adult cinema. 1,534 more words

I bought an enema bulb, and I'm terrified of it.

The bulb seemed like a less intimidating option. I didn’t like the looks of those full-on fucking irrigation systems: I can’t tell whether they belong in a hospital room or an industrial agriculture operation, but they certainly don’t belong up my tender, inexperienced little bum hole.

Awkward Moments & Epic Fails

Three Week Training Update

Training-wise, I suppose things are going well. I am as diligent as I can be with the house chores, I prepare healthy meals for my Master, I walk around naked if my girls are not around, I am training my ass appropriately and picked out some BDSM porn for Master and I. 462 more words


Red Light Special

Hello dicks and pussies. Tonight I’m talking about the red light special.

How many of you horny little devils ever been to a whore house? I’m not talking about a raunchy ass whore house, but one with class. 411 more words


My First Love's Ass Sniffing Fetish

My first love’s butt sniffing fetish instigated my own fetishes and desires to facesit, have my ass sniffed and experiment with other girls’ butts. He gave me so much confidence in letting my guard down and appreciating the act of having my ass sniffed. 232 more words

Anal Sex