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choose the perfect butt plug.

new to anal? here are some tips to consider before purchasing a butt plug:

1. for beginners, the best butt plug is a small one with the widest part of the plug having a circumference of 4″ (1.3″ wide) or less. 170 more words

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wife sharing - a fantasy - part 6

“so that’s, what, a cunt fucking out there, another one in here, plus two face-fuckings, and i’m pretty certain you were in her ass before too – right? 635 more words

Fucking Money Boys.

Yep… I can picture the posturing of my nouveau boho homo married friends right now as they envisage this post to be a horrendous apology for human trafficking. 1,768 more words

A Princess and the Rebel Writing Update-Opening Chapter.

Greetings. The Princess and a Rebel has been a slow go lately, the old saying that life gets in the way, has played true the last couple of weeks. 1,606 more words



I can’t bite down fully as my jaw is very sore, my ear has been popping off and on and my throat feels swollen when I swallow. 2,709 more words


FIRE TRUCK! - Belle - Confession

I’m your average: customer service worker, married, mid-thirties, two kids and infertile.

I was never a whore in the classic sense of the word. Ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers were always my kryptonite.  640 more words

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Intro to Backdoor Loving?!

She had slid down from the chair onto her knees in front of him as seductively as possible. She ran her hands up and down his denim clad thighs before working them up over the bulge in his crotch and finally unbuckling his belt. 680 more words