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Shroud of Turin follow-up: new material for AOK History

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC TOK blog) This topic of the Shroud of Turin just keeps getting better and better for TOK. In my last post, I outlined TOK lessons based on it. 879 more words

IB Theory Of Knowledge

Cruise Control

Having only played a couple of paper events with the card in question, but after a few dozen games against other Delver decks on Cockatrice, here’s the blunt conclusion: Race to the finish of casting and resolving the first Treasure Cruise, and then it’s highly likely that you win the game. 572 more words


L5R 4e Material

There’s a thread in the products forum of AEG’s forums about the future of the L5R RPG.  Having a blog is a reason to post here, instead. 1,176 more words


My analysis of the Antares rocket failure

Based on my own limited knowledge of rocket engineering, here’s my analysis of the Antares rocket failure. Essentially I have watched HD videos of the launch repeatedly and I have come to three possible reasons for the failure. 269 more words


Analysis: Five Nights at Freddy's

In many ways, Five Nights at Freddy’s was designed to capture people’s attention. It’s easy to dismiss the game as a glorified screamer video meant to cater to Let’s Plays with facecams and exaggerated reactions, but the title’s appeal runs far deeper.   610 more words

Video Games

A lesson in transaction costs.

Where NOT to invest in Europe

Now, whilst some might illustrate the valid point that the graph in fact illustrates “ease of business” in various European countries, rather than showing investment returns, consider the following: 180 more words


ISIS: the Useful Enemy

The dark force of ISIS is apparently an invincible and unstoppable war juggernaut that is mercilessly killing and conquering in pursuit of establishing an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 358 more words