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Fetishizing Apollo

America has an unhealthy obsession with historic US space missions. This obsession is even more pronounced in the space-enthusiast community; it is no surprise that there are multitudes of mods for KSP that allow users to build and fly their very own Saturn V rocket. 454 more words



A friend of mine shared this link with me earlier and I thought “Oh, how appropriate” with my devious grin.

What Happens to the Brain When We Daydream? 20 more words


Critique Portfolio #7: Chang, LOOP 4 - Gonna Work It Out

“I don’t know what I’ve been told, African people on a mighty road. Let’s destroy the old plantation, now we’re gonna build a new black nation” pg.

325 more words

Portfolio Web Design for COGS 187a

Just started the assignment in which we build our own portfolio and I really don’t know what I’m doing. Hoping everyone starts out this clueless! 631 more words


How Communication can HURT

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Geek Infusion.

Tonight, Matthew is going to be talking about the continued growth of Destiny as a game, and what lessons it needs to take from previous MMO’s in order to stand up to the monolith that is World of Warcraft. 1,357 more words


Week 8: Notes on Notes from Underground

I particularly enjoyed this quick, yet in-depth run-through of zine culture history and geography. I especially enjoyed Duncombe’s ability to tie critical theory into the mix while still keeping everything as accessible as possible, which is important for two reasons: first, the clarity is important for understanding, and second, the accessibility is important in relation to zine culture. 351 more words