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Why Violent News Images Matter - LightBox

A recent slew of situations resulting in catastrophic violence and death, including the Israel-Gaza war, the armed expansion of the Islamic State, the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in the Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and also the spread of the Ebola virus, has led to a renewed debate as to what kinds of imagery media outlets should be expected to show. 113 more words


Is there something between good and bad?

Usually, we will avoid to use the words “good” or “bad” in here, because, “convenient” and “inconvenient” should give us the opportunity to observe a topic from the opposite perspective …


What's a belief system?

A belief system consists of a set of believers that share certain believes. Within the boundaries of that belief system, every believer is mostly well accepted, and, these believers feel strongly… 58 more words


'The Ice Palace' by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Ice Palace by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920

The magic trick:

Brilliant characterization of the female lead, Sally Carrol Happer

Perhaps, in many ways, this is the first story in the famed career of one Zelda Sayre. 408 more words


What is the truth?

The truth, probably hard to achieve, consists of a set of subjective truths with its own convenient, neutral and inconvenient truths in it. It is assumed that, if all subjective truths are combined together, we are way more closer to the… 19 more words


What is a Mind Factory?

Constructionism assumes that anything perceived or processed in our minds is socially constructed, but, the awareness of it leads us out to perceive or create new possible paths