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Style Experimentation: Ashley Wood as Dota 2 (sort of)

So my final attempt at style analysis was to take Ashley Wood’s work and recreate it in the style of Dota 2. I decided to steer away from his work on Spawn as I am becoming too familiar with that and instead looked at another piece of his which caught my eye. 305 more words


Read Along: Plague - Michael Grant (Thirty-Four - Pete)

Check out part one here!

Thirty-Four: Caine has crowned himself King. The guy does not disappoint.

Yes, things do seem perfectly positioned for Caine to take over Perdido Beach while everyone else is incapacitated or gone. 426 more words


Photography Image Essay Ideas

I’ve had a few ideas of what my image essay could be about over the past 2 weeks, I’ve drawn inspiration from Mark Blundell and Ross Halfin (I want his life now) and have come up with the following ideas: 150 more words

Killing me softly - Analysis

The author of the diary of Mary the Magdalene was certainly constrained by a religious / moralistic censorship, and couldn’t express exactly what her, or him, were going through, and how they felt. 361 more words


Photography Inspirational Image 2- Mark Blundell (again)

I figured any random person reading this would probably wonder why I love the concept of decay over time, and I honestly have no idea. But I think it’s something to do with my fascination with locations that have an obvious history attached to them. 178 more words

Anthem – Ayn Rand

Let me begin by saying that this is the first work by Ayn Rand that I have read and that I am aware that she is not well liked in many circles. 46 more words