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Fast sell on EURJPY

EURJPY enters an area of untested resistance. We have established this zone from a relative high about a week earlier.

This isn’t so much a resistance as a potential supply zone. 79 more words

Price Action

Linux Foundation、ストレージとファイルシステムの開発者会議「Vault」を開催へ [ #cbajp ]

ビッグデータやクラウドのストレージのほとんどはLinuxをベースにしている。「Amazon S3」などのストレージはシンプルに見えるかもしれないが、インターフェースの背後ではLinuxをベースをするストレージデバイス、サービス、ファイルシステムが複雑に絡み合っている。Linux Foundationはこうした現状から、新たな開発者会議「Vault」を開催すると発表した。この会議の目的は、「ストレージとファイルシステムに関わる世界のLinuxカーネルの先駆的な開発者を集め、この分野の継続的イノベーションと教育のために協力すること」だという。



Modern Existentialism in Vocaloid: "Common World Domination" by Pinocchio-P

This song is awesome. It’s catchy, has a lovely music video, and it’s philosophical. Watch it and share your thoughts.

“Common World Domination” is a modernist narrative about the fruitlessness of material obsessions. 1,347 more words

Analysis of an Analysis

It is difficult to analyze YouTube in general because it is a compilation of millions of different types of people sharing their thoughts with the world. 489 more words

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UN warns of extreme climate conditions by 2050

This news story from The Guardian reports a warning of floods, heat waves, storms, and other extreme climate conditions to impact the Earth by 2050, according to the United Nations. 259 more words

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Paralyzed athletes soar despite obstacles

USA Today shared a news story on now-paralyzed, previous aerial acrobats who can now find their joy in the art again, despite their disability.  This article was published online on September 1, 2014 by USA Today writer Elissa Koehl.   307 more words

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Do This, Not That: Writing Depressing Stories

It is not an infrequent barb thrown by Evangelion’s detractors that the show is needlessly bleak, or pointlessly cruel. And when I hear that I laugh and laugh, not because it’s untrue (though I’d argue it is) but because those people have clearly never sat through a Lars Von Trier movie. 1,658 more words