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LibGuide Critique

The Library Guide I will be focusing on today is the Access Library Information Skills. I have never actually used this guide and in fact, I did not know about these guides which are quite interesting and helpful, since I completed my BA here at UCD. 306 more words

Forensic Flaws

Things are easiest to study when they are in the past. “Hindsight is 20/20″, so they say (whoever “they” are). And I am here wondering why we work so hard with figuring out who is to blame for what and why things happened the way they did. 526 more words

Site Update 1

In the event I’m late for an early showing or there is nothing I want to see, I will make a review post called Cine-Sadism… 51 more words

No apologies for radical transformation of the economy writes Sphelele Dludla from the National SMME Policy Colloquium

Business leaders at National SMME Policy Colloquium settle on an SME master-plan which they hope will influence government SME policy

The National SMME Policy Colloquium came to an end on a high note yesterday with speakers taking an unapologetic stance about radical transformation of the economy and calling for a repealing of legislation they perceive harmful to small businesses. 694 more words


E-Book of Rhymes 6: The New Millennium Rap: "A Room With a View - Brother Ali"

Cause I’m not comforted by red and blue lights when I’m hurtin’
Mommy loves you yeah I knew but I wasn’t certain
Cause the lenses through which she views life wasn’t workin’

504 more words

A New Perspective

It’s interesting what you’ll miss when you’re not paying attention. About a year ago I wrote a blog about a movie I watched in class. It was called… 734 more words


E-Book of Rhymes 5: Rap Goes Mainstream 1993-1999: "I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common"

Now periodically I would see
Ol’ girl at the clubs, and at the house parties
She didn’t have a body, but she started gettin’ thick quick…

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