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Outcomes of the Group Project "Always"

As you may have read in my blogs throughout this trimester, my main project has been a group production of the song “Always” written by group member Max. 1,184 more words


A Deadly Kitten on Prowl

The New Broadcast Policy (NBP) is an innocent-looking kitten that can turn into a mediaeater. It aims to ensure accountability of the media. How can a government that itself lacks accountability ensure the accountability of the media? 798 more words


शिव तांडव स्तोत्रम् [श्लोक १०] व्याख्या

The following is an explanation of the Shloka # 10 of the Shiva Tandava Stotram.

रसप्रवाहमाधुरीविजृम्भणामधुव्रतम् ।
स्मरान्तकं पुरान्तकं भवान्तकमं मखान्तकं
गजान्तकान्धकान्तकं तमन्तकान्तकं भजे ।। १० ।। 57 more words

Tandav Stotram

The People Versus The Political Class

My analysis of The Monthly‘s recently published feature essay, The people versus the political class.

In many ways, Peter Cooke is telling us nothing that we don’t already know. 518 more words


Analysis: CRS vs CLG - 2014 NA LCS Summer Playoff Quarterfinals [Game 1]

This is one of the matches that people really looked forward to and for good reasons. Not only was this an extremely important match for both these teams, but it was known that CLG took a week off from the LCS to boot camp in Korea. 3,858 more words

League Of Legends

Are Current Movies and Games Going to Feel Dated Soon?

You turn on Netflix. You see the opening scenes. There’s a hustle-and-bustle going on with the crowd but not a main character to be identifiable yet. 752 more words


Heat Check: Crowd Killer

The audience was dead as fuck for Raw last night. Let me say, first and foremost… when you have a THREE hour show… why in the ENTIRE fuck are you LEADING with Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair? 1,419 more words