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UN warns of extreme climate conditions by 2050

This news story from The Guardian reports a warning of floods, heat waves, storms, and other extreme climate conditions to impact the Earth by 2050, according to the United Nations. 259 more words

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Paralyzed athletes soar despite obstacles

USA Today shared a news story on now-paralyzed, previous aerial acrobats who can now find their joy in the art again, despite their disability.  This article was published online on September 1, 2014 by USA Today writer Elissa Koehl.   307 more words

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Do This, Not That: Writing Depressing Stories

It is not an infrequent barb thrown by Evangelion’s detractors that the show is needlessly bleak, or pointlessly cruel. And when I hear that I laugh and laugh, not because it’s untrue (though I’d argue it is) but because those people have clearly never sat through a Lars Von Trier movie. 1,658 more words


Points Per Jam: Roller Derby's Default Difficulty

It should be difficult for a roller derby team to score points. So why does it often seem so easy for them to be scored instead? 12,763 more words


Spectrophotometry Method To Determine Calcium ion Concentration in Food Samples




Pipets, beakers and other glassware necessary for such an experiment.


Calcium nitrate

Sodium rhodizonate

Sulfuric acid, 6 M,

Sodium phosphate, tribasic… 117 more words

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Snapshot: September 1 2014

Snapshot: September 1 2014

I generally run this information through eReaderIQ.com (it’s just easier than Amazon), and there are some vagaries in the searches (both there and on Amazon). 2,845 more words


Passport Stripping British Terror Suspects

This story was published in the USA Today on September 1, 2014, you can find the story here. Under the new proposed legislature by British Prime Minister David Cameron, British national citizens fighting out of the country in the Middle East suspected of terrorist acts would have their passports suspended – effectively denying re-entry into the United Kingdom.  181 more words

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