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I’ll be on Top!

I’ll be on Top

Posted on June 18, 2006by gramatrudy

I’ll Be On top

By Trudy A. Martinez

Half asleep my eyes open. A rolling motion startles and awakes me. 593 more words


Destroying the Point. Why Jacqui Lambie is NOT sexist.

The media has been whipped into a fury over the ‘inappropriate’ comments of Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie.  Oh the moral outrage!     While her crass comments were undeniably in poor taste, insultingly based on gender stereotypes and not at all politically savvy, the fact is that they were not sexist.   1,184 more words


Legos on the Beach

By Emily Yarborough

I chose this article about Legos washing up on a shore in Cornwall, England.

It is apparent that this article was written in traditional AP style. 140 more words

AP Style

Analyzing Castle Crashers' Arena Mode

Castle Crashers is a 2D beat ‘em up developed by The Behemoth and released in 2008. It features Dan Paladin’s signature style and gameplay loaded with standard beat ‘em fare with several silly things for comedic effect. 801 more words


10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran entrepreneur, starting a business is a huge decision.  Here are 10  questions to ask yourself before starting a new business: … 222 more words


A Shift In Design For Microsoft

by Megan McGowan

I chose this article on Inc. that details the shift in priorities for Microsoft from engineer-centric to design-centric production. 

The article flowed well, was easy to read and usually followed APA format. 136 more words

AP Style

AP Style Analysis: The New Yorker

By Emily G.

The New Yorker recently posted the article Getting Over Procrastinationwhich gives a brief history of procrastination and studies that have been conducted on the topic. 173 more words

AP Style