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20 must-'buy' stocks deliver big bucks

Maybe you should stop ignoring Wall Street analysts after all. The stocks that analysts loved going into the year — their must-buys, if you will — have delivered big time. 647 more words


Analysts turn mega-bullish on stocks

Nowadays, it might seem like all stocks are loved. There’s some truth to that, but there’s a small cadre of stocks analysts are especially bowled over by. 19 more words

Expectations for the Class and Future

I am Walker Stripling, also known as one of Tottenham Hotspurs most adoring fans (especially after this weekend), as you can see by reading the toolbar.   369 more words


Stale zaniness 046

How safe is your Kansas City neighborhood?

No, Obama-care Has Not Reduced Insurance Costs
“Has Obama-care reduced the cost of insurance? Pundits, analysts, and academics have pored over this question relentlessly.

73 more words

RippingMovieReview: Divergent

So, this professor (and some of the Analysts) watched Divergent (2014).

And it caused some repulsion—in one way or another.

Therefore, a ripping was needed! 8 more words

Professor VJ Duke