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Forced Evolution

Life has a way of changing on us. Often we must adapt or perish.

For me and my loved ones, this is one of those times. 644 more words

Creative Analysis

Love sparks creativity

Did you know…

Studies support the notion that reminders of love enhance creative thinking while reminders of sex enhance analytical thinking.

Reference: Forster, J., Epstude, K, Ozelsel, A. 31 more words

Mindful Findings: Did You Know...

Why Do Students Have Academic Writing Assignments?

Students become very familiar with academic assignments in post-secondary education. Whether it’s in the form of an essay, research, term, argumentative, or analytical paper, educators often assign this type of activity. 234 more words


Understanding the Lure

As a consumer, it delights me to know that I am not just a gullible fish, entranced by a marketing ploy and blind to the company’s ulterior motives: making money, deception, stealing my soul, etc…   The first step towards evaluating a product is seeing the packaging for what it really is: an attempt to grab and/or retain its consumers. 488 more words

Creative Analysis

20/02/14-Aptitude-Attitude-Post 1

A set of football matches is to be organized in a “round-robin” fashion, i.e., every participating team plays a match against every other team once and only once. 9 more words