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I am looking for passionate web designers and developers to collaborate on some open source projects. The projects are primarily targeting decision science. I can manage the back-end technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra, Mongo Db and Node.js. 62 more words


I'm Still Dubious About the Need for Social Media Analytics

I attended a talk on Social Media Analytics yesterday, organized by the Institute of System Studies (ISS) of NUS.  As usual, it was well organized and the hosts, IBM, made us feel very welcome.   519 more words

Crazy World

QSearch, Google for Facebook

For years, Google and Facebook have affected the lives of netizen one way or another. However, the two are, on many occasions, worlds apart: it is hard to think of a more useful tool than Google, and it is hard to think of a deeper productivity sinkhole than Facebook. 546 more words


MongoDB performance enhancements and tweaks

MongoDB performance enhancements and tweaks

In my travails in building and my work on a real time analytics engine, I’ve formed some opinions on how well mongoDB is suited for scalability and how to tweak queries and my node.js code to extract some extra performance. 1,413 more words

Cybersecurity: Securing Hadoop with Data Science, HDFS, Mapreduce,and Big Data

This video explains how Hadoop can be secured with Data Science, through a cyber security perspective. Concepts such as HDFS, MapReduce, and Big Data analytics are included in this explanation. 53 more words

New Trends in HR

HR ANALYTICS: Organizations are now identifying bigger data and understanding the importance of human resource analytics.  The use of analytics is presently going to range from the development of strategies to explore what-if scenarios.   305 more words