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Industry expertise, strategic software alliances and onshore delivery expansion position Wipro to accelerate revenue growth in 2H14

By Jennifer Hamel, Analyst

Below is TBR’s commentary on Wipro ITS’ 2Q14 earnings. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. Contact Jennifer Hamel (jennifer.hamel@tbri.com) at (603) 758-1875 for additional commentary. 703 more words


Online Learning with R - A brief compare

Project R or “R” as it is popularly know as, has been gaining acceptance in the data analysis world. Various other data and statistical software packages are creating or have created packages to work with R. 375 more words


Predictive Coding; Confusion among Seed Sets, Random-Statistical Sampling and Training

By Jason Glass & Alex Wall Esq.

We read a blog the other day written by a senior level exec from a predictive coding service provider regarding the latest (mis)information circulating in the industry.  583 more words

Predictive Coding

10 TED Talks Perfect For the eLearning Industry - eLearning Industry

The idea behind TED is in the power of inspirational talk that will change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. At the following 10 TED Talks you will find fascinating ideas that worth spreading, and that are perfect for the eLearning Industry. 10 more words


Analytics Quotient - A genius in Analytical Tools, Dashboards and ScoreCards

Analytics though a new word is not unknown. We have heard of many analytical tools especially inb the forms of Google, Youtube, Facebook analytics. Though popularly known, Analytics is not probably widely used by businesses to aid their decision making.   144 more words

Data Management

Analyze this! how to go from numbers to proving effectiveness

There are several platforms that provide analytics on social media and websites, so managers can provide results on whether or not their efforts are working. Such platforms can be built in to the social media channel such as Facebook Insights or can be external such as Google analytics or Hootsuite. 1,088 more words