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Chartbeat tries to fight the smoke and mirrors in web measurement by going public with its metrics

While some progress has been made in getting web publishers and advertisers to stop thinking about pageviews or other traffic-focused metrics, and start thinking about measuring actual attention… 626 more words

Unlocking the Power of Big Data Analytics

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is the explosion of data. 2,233 more words


Big Data's Tooth Brush Test

Big Data: new or not ?

When I attended this year’s edition of a Big Data in Retail Financial Services conference, everyone — speakers and participants alike — seemed to agree on one thing: We collectively hated the term “Big Data”. 648 more words


Are there Master's programs in Big Data and Analytics?

What am I looking for in a Master’s program in Analytics?
a) One year program
b) Inter-disciplinary approach to learning (business domain, operations research, advanced technologies and technical leadership) 247 more words


Do You Want to Learn About Learning Analytics? #dalmooc

Last week, I attended the UTA LINK Lab talk presented by Dragan Gasevic (@dgasevic) on learning analytics and research. This discussion shared all the digital traces and learning that can be collected and measured in our various learning environments, and questions how we are best doing some of these analytics within our institutions. 520 more words


Analytic or Creative? Why not both?

Most people have heard about the distinction between analytic types and creative types.  It is some sort of stereotype that is probably rooted in an era where “numbers” people were always shown to be drowning between piles of papers while “creative” people kicked back and challenged themselves to come up with new ideas that were fresh and appealing to others. 505 more words