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How “Big Data” Can Improve Educational Outcomes

Our news media frequently inundates us with study upon study of how the American education system trails most other advanced countries in math and science, graduation rates, or some other metric of education performance.  510 more words

Big Data

Congrats Coach Kidd! Pierce Didn't Foul Out!

For classic, “not into analytics” coaches, you always hear the same thing about foul trouble: “we needed him for the 4th quarter.” “We had to take him out, he had 2 fouls in the first quarter.” “He had 3 fouls at half.” 1,657 more words


The World is your Oyster: Harvard WorldMap

Nowadays, we have innumerable tools to help digitize and organize whatever bits of data we have. With radically different user interfaces and designs, the purposes for which we use different software varies as well. 300 more words


Google Ngram Viewer

For those who can’t quite grasp, or have simply never pondered the processes that Google carries out, check these photos out. The images here take a look at just one of Google’s dozens of data centers scattered across the globe. 354 more words


Disappearing Dick Tracy watch/radio/heart monitor

I was tempted to return to a continuing story: PG&E and the San Bruno blast. They/it pled not guilty to felony criminal violation of safety rules (including not keeping records of the pipeline) in connection with the 2010 explosion in California. 105 more words


MLB 4/22: Division Rivalries

Every day I will be analyzing every MLB game taking place and make a prediction for the money line and total. I will be posting the plays that I think are valuable enough to place a bet on and below those plays what I have calculated for the money line or total. 172 more words