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Random Musings-Part 34- "Ananda"

Nithin Sridhar

The state of Jnana or Moksha is described as “Ananda/Bliss”. Brahman/God itself is described as Sat-Chit-Anand. But, what is Ananda or Bliss here? Is it merely Sukha/Happiness? 268 more words

Will Magnus Carlsen play world championship against Anand? Please vote here.

Unfortunaetly, I cannot close the poll. When Carlsen signed for the world championship, there were 19 yes, and 15 no votes of the 34 people who voted. 9 more words


Aanand Kale

Aanand Kale (Marathi: आनंद काळे)
was born on 28th September in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, INDIA. and now residing in Mumbai .He is a Marathi actor. He has acted in numerous Marathi- Hindi tv-serials, movies and theatre and has won applauds from many noted professionals.


Rejoicing Over Renu's and her son's Baptisms!

This past Sunday, we were exceptionally blessed to bear witness to the baptism of Renu, Anand’s wife, and that of their younger son.

Rev. Augustin conducted the sacrament of baptism for the both of them. 34 more words


Filmul săptămânii: ANAND (1971)

valabil pentru săptămâna 36: 4-10 august 2014

Dacă tot au sărbătorit indienii ieri (3.08.2014) ziua prieteniei, vă propun un film tare drag mie în care prietenia adevărată este subiectul principal. 306 more words


These Bollywood Classics Would Drain You Off of Emotions

I am a crazy weird person and almost everybody has accepted this by now. And this random post is another proof of just how random can I be. 685 more words