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Ananias (God is gracious) and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)

Ananias sold a piece of property and brought only a portion of the money to Peter and lied saying that he was giving all the money from the purchase to Peter.  3,501 more words

Don't Give Up The High Ground

In recent years, more and more focus has come to bear on the area of spiritual warfare. A topic that many, even in the church, tended to scoff at 20 years ago has gained more and more in attention. 416 more words

Ron Phillips

Passage from "The Last Tempation of Christ"

While I was writing The Camerado Chronicles  in the summer of 2004, I picked up The Last Temptation of Christ at a used book store, not knowing how deeply it would influence the rest of that project, nor the short story that would emerge directly from it. 2,477 more words


The Sin Leading to Death

There is a difference between the unpardonable sin and a “Sin Leading to Death”, although the two are often confused when dealing with such a heavy topic. 994 more words

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