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Listen Well

removed from quiet waters,
silent haunts of violent thoughts roam about the town.

abandoned by their fathers,
steadfast and furious tongues hack the elders down. 18 more words


Ananias 1.29 - Evil dungeon is evil

Play online, or download for Android.

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Gameplay Changes


Ananias 1.38 - Sher'tul invasion

Play online, or download for Android.

  • Added the Sher’tul
  • Detailed item icons
  • All magic items have been transformed to scrolls
  • Fullscreen mode removed for browser version…
  • 35 more words

Ananias 1.37 - Dark Lagoon, New Weapon Scrolls

Play online, or download for Android.

  • Fight the 1 Star Reviews: We currently have a lot of 1 star reviews on the Play Store, this may be caused by the game not running in some devices… It would be really helpful if you could test if it runs in your device, and report back if it doesn’t!
  • 186 more words

Ananias Roguelike 1.36 - Caverns and Graveyard

Well this one took longer than expected, bughunting galore, despair and bravery, here it goes.

Play online, or download for Android.

Also take a look at the roadmap for 2.0… 112 more words


Ananias Roguelike 1.35 - Pools and Boulders

A new version is available, play online or download for Android

We also now have a community blog to share our tales, take a look… 222 more words


Empowered for the call pt 3

God equips who He calls, He doesn’t want our complaints and excuses. He wants our obedience! What is He saying to you today? (excerpt from previous post) 183 more words