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New kids on the blockade: thoughts on the new anti-racist, anti-police revolt

As in previous weeks, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week trying to keep up with the ongoing revolt against racism and police brutality in the US. 1,001 more words


STATE OF EMERGENCY IN SPAIN: spanish authorities begin crackdown on anarchist social centers, protests erupt nationwide

the thing to keep in mind with this development is that these demos are illegal, taking pictures of the police is illegal, reporting on police activity is illegal – unless you only regurgitate officially-sanctioned press releases. 346 more words


Anarchour: airborne battalion of anarchists

Greek Police releases footage showing “parkour anarchists on rooftops”

greek TV presenters were focused not only on the rain of molotovs, but emphasized what looked to be a mini-fridge tossed at the cops as well. 220 more words

Law And Disorder

The 10December14 edition of Twelve Visions Party/3000-Year-Old Secret Night

Fellow Visionaries,

Tonight, for the 10December14 edition of TVP/3KYOS Night, Michael and I read aloud and discussed Chapter 47 – How Government Could Evolve Into A Super-Competent, Customer-Driven Protection Service… 1,991 more words


victory for nikos romanos, greek insurrectionists!

sometimes asserting ones rights means forcing the cops to back the fuck off!

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger strike after 31 days struggle to study outside the prison. 352 more words