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Celebrating recent victories, planning for the next ones: November round-up

The last few weeks have seen a number of worthwhile acts of resistance, and even a few notable victories in areas ranging from housing to workfare. 489 more words


Give Peace a Chance

Rumor has it that the grand jury decision in the case of the officer who shot Michael Brown is possibly going to come out tomorrow.  The media has been hyping the inevitability of the city “exploding”.  544 more words


Liberating Journeys of Attack; on anarchists organizing resistance

The following text is intended to be the continuation of a dialogue on the tools of anarchist insurgency and the ways of organizing ourselves; a dialogue that was initiated at an international anarchist encounter somewhere in the countryside of France and now continues from a prison cell in Greece. 1,874 more words


the ramifications of bad prospects

this fairport convention song has been on my mind a lot lately, it’s one of those things that i just stopped thinking about at some point, and i mean even when i would actually think about the fairport convention(which isn’t all that often) i wouldn’t remember this particular track which is weird because it’s probably my favorite song by them. 1,009 more words

15 Ways You Are Wrong About Anarchists

I straight up snatched this from the Facebook page Strike the Root, and added my own bold and links.

15 Ways You Are Probably Wrong About…

492 more words

Sydney: Flood of left-wing anarchist street posters make waves in inner city

7 November: A war of words is being played out on inner west walls as tensions between far left and far right activists heat up. 524 more words

Against The Drug War! Against The State!

An Anarchist Perspective on Ayotzinapa and the Drug War in Mexico and a Discussion With the Author of the Book “Drug War Capitalism”

Part of the west coast tour presenting the new book. 294 more words