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How CAW, CUPE, Occupy, Six Nations & Anarchists Are All Connected

Someone emailed me a copy of this greatbarticle, but i am still trying to source it. it may seem long but it makes some very important connections our media outlets are too afraid to. 1,207 more words

Justifiable Paranoia

"anarchists against the wall" blockade israeli air base, 21 arrested

Israeli Anarchists detained for trying to block the exit of aircraft

guerraAJN -

A dozen members of the group “Anarchists Against the Wall” were arrested after blocking the entrance to a base of the Israeli Air Force in northern Tel Aviv. 337 more words


France/Spain: Anarchist actions against the prison, capitalist, and patriarchal system

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Gabriella Segata Antolini

We claim as different groups of anarchists, a series of actions aimed at attacking capital and the State and everything they represent. 158 more words


The dialectic of goats: Stalin refutes the anarchists

In his collection of articles on anarchism from 1906-7, in response to intense anarchist activity in Georgia, Stalin offers his fullest exposition of dialectics (at this point). 94 more words


A Brief History of Tompkins Square Park Protests Part 1

I live just a few blocks away from Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. The small park is, on some days, the only place where I can escape the concrete and blacktop. 506 more words

Events from the 16th July onwards

Hi folks,

Of note this week coming is that us folks at the Glasgow Anarchist Federation are putting on a discussion on bicycles, transport, and the city environment and the call-out by claimants in Clydebank to show support to their campaign against benefit sanctions. 2,074 more words


The Trench, Nervous Operator, Blankets, Pathos Mathos, and Lady Secrets @ the Laughing Horse Book and Film Collective 7/10/2014

The other night I went out and did something I haven’t done in far too long: I went to a show completely blindly. I hadn’t heard anyone on the bill– the only semblance of familiarity would be in the fact that I was going to the Laughing Horse on 10th and Burnside. 587 more words