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All effect, no cause

Here’s a great comment by kwanijml from Peter Thiel’s AMA. I particularly like how he points out that libertarians can’t be expected to have perfect solutions when many problems we face are actually… 971 more words


Muh roads

Reproducing a nice, pithy argument from the man, Robert Higgs:

Muh roads!

The orthodox argument for the necessity of government provision comes from the neoclassical economists, who maintain that the free-rider problem will prevent the creation of such projects.

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Liberty Is Diverse

A recent discussion about public schooling versus private schooling prompted this post. Going towards a free market in education may not necessarily mean all schools become more ‘relaxed’ in terms of rules,  because in a truly free market, freedom of association is… 351 more words


"What if we tried a libertarian society but then regressed back to the state?"

I can understand this type of concern, but I think it is kind of misunderstanding the problem to begin with. The problem is not necessarily that a government exists now, it is that an overwhelming number of people believe in the… 331 more words


"Don't conflate lawmaking with violence"

The task of a libertarian is to show other people:

  1. why they are not consistent in the way they view the state’s actions and actions done by an individual…
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Like a Child

Why is the world run amok? I mean not only the total societal collapse of all things decent, but rather the loss of sociability with one another. 448 more words