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Can The Anarcho-Capitalist Message Be Improved?

That which is partial cannot describe the whole. Science and religion are the two tools for human discovery of reality but when these are not appreciated to be in harmony then the end result will be incomplete and unsatisfying to human reason. 69 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Arguing On The Internet: An Anarchist Perspective On How To Have Reasoned Discussions With Unreasonable People

This post started out as something all together different, but I went on a tangent, so here’s that tangent, all by itself.
Trying to keep this thing organized. 1,468 more words

Inefficient Government

Welcome back to TheHourGlassSM, I’m glad to be posting here again. I have taken a semester leave of absence in case you haven’t noticed but I’m back in action. 33 more words


Violence in the US in a down-trend

Wonder why the mainstream media hasn’t picked this up…

Why the stateless society would be more peaceful

A common argument against the stateless society (anarcho-capitalism) is that ‘the strongest private defence agency will win, and the big fish will eat the little fish. 205 more words


Insanity is...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

From NYT:

Across the country, there is a booming business in lending to the working poor — those Americans with impaired credit who need cars to get to work.

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The difference between communism and capitalism

"Capitalism is waiting in line for an iPhone. Communism is waiting in line for a loaf of bread." – @greggutfeld

— GS Elevator Gossip (@GSElevator) January 18, 2015