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Beware the Appeal to Tradition / Dodging the challenge

Philosophical anarchists are not necessarily advocating for a given system, they might instead be making the argument that no valid political authority exists. Unless a successful argument can be made to justify why the state should hold special status (in this case, … 240 more words


Four Things the State is Not

with Tom Woods via LewRockwell.com

The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other Misfits. Although woven around the experiences and adventures of one man, this is also the story of the people who lived during the period of time in American history that an entire generation was betrayed It is the story of the dramatically changing times in which this personal odyssey took place. 94 more words



“Libertarianism: The radical notion that other people are not your property.”

This is one of the best definitions I have ever seen. If you believe in any form of the nation-state type of governance (even very limited government) you, to at least some extent, must believe that other people are your property by default.

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You don't have the authority to hate other people's freedom

Scott Alexander has written a critique of libertarianism here, called “Why I Hate Your Freedom”. I don’t intend to write a point by point response, I will instead respond to the spirit of the post and to a few specific points here and there. 2,865 more words


Murray Rothbard on Organized Crime

Murray Rothbard was a great economist[1], and a disaster when it came to politics.

A while ago, I came across this article, about… 1,159 more words


Why I'm an Anarcho-Capitalist, but Love Minarchists

Being an ideological purist, absolutely logically consistent, is easy. Well, not exactly easy, but once you make the commitment to draw your red lines of libertarian logic according to the singular axiom of the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) and live by it, once you make that fateful decision and swallow the blue pill, or the red pill, or whichever Matrix pill it is, the rest is easy. 2,011 more words

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