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Is it Time to Legalize Murder?

Murder needs to be legalized. Illegal murder only pushes it into the black market, where cartels of thugs can overcharge and abuse their position given a lack of competition. 621 more words

Market Fundamentalism Debunked

Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks' Advocacy of Violence

The initiation of violence is the fulcrum for just about everything Cenk and TYT promote

Whenever we come face-to-face with ideas that contradict our longest-held notions, our first instinct usually is to put them off and discard them as incorrect or flat-out wrong, especially if they are ideas so radical so as to be rejected by almost every single major establishment institution in the world. 859 more words

Must a New System be Perfect to Replace an Imperfect Reality?

I often argue that people would be better off without a state. During these arguments, I am often put in the position of explaining how the absence of government would lead to utopia. 860 more words

Corruption And Suppression


Last week, in the wake of the People’s Climate March and the #FloodWallStreet protests that followed it, I was tweebating folks of the “voluntarist” persuasion of libertarianism about the alleged hypocrisy (or irony, at least) of environmentalists using the fruits of capitalism to communicate their presumably anti-capitalist ideas. 659 more words


Damon Linker's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad article

Damon Linker recently wrote a critique of libertarianism, apparently unaware that the majority of libertarians are anti foreign intervention. See his article: Libertarianism’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea… 1,619 more words


Philosophy and Finding the Right Definition

Yesterday we offered a basic definition of slavery – “A person is a slave if they are owned by another person.” This definition was given within the context of a specific discussion about political theory. 486 more words

Political Philosophy