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Automation and the Case Against Universal Basic Income

One might say, “It’s all very well and good to sit around discussing the fundamental immorality of taxation when the population starves because of automation. We need Universal Basic Income to ensure that the richest portion of society, who control the robots, do not simply let the rest die. 1,173 more words


Debating Anarcho-Capitalism versus Limited Government

Today I decided to post a comment discussion between myself and a loyal reader, Kerri. She comes from a libertarian perspective, and actually entertains the idea of anarcho-capitalism (versus being against it without reason), which is why her criticisms of the system bring up excellent points about possible negative effects that could come out of having no government, versus a limited government. 1,591 more words



This is the most optimistic, uplifting thing I have read in a long time. — jtl, 419

I have alluded for years that a shift in consciousness is happening and will continue to happen.   1,369 more words


Bitcoin as safe haven

Are Cryptocurrencies ‘Super’ Tax Havens? is a paper by Omri Marian from October 2013. The paper is a great insight into the extremely disruptive nature of cryptocurrencies: 832 more words


Transition to anarchy and the echoes of government monopoly

In an ideal world, and I’m using ‘ideal’ as in ideologically perfect, I am sure most anarcho-capitalists would assert that the best course of action would be for the state to be dismantled immediately. 849 more words


Ron Paul Goes Full Rothbard

In this video Ron Paul praises the anarchist mindset. He also goes on to argue that in a libertarian society there could be such a thing as voluntary socialism. 120 more words

Political Philosophy

The importance of insurance to a free society

Insurance is an important part of moving towards a freer society because people want to find ways to manage or mitigate their risk. If the various risks we face in our day to day lives can be brought down to an acceptable level via insurance, the role for the state is diminished.  678 more words