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Familiarity and capitalist peace theory

Ever noticed how people can seem to be rude and unlikable from afar, but once you interact with them at a closer level they seem more personable? 297 more words


"It's not violent to regulate business"

Apparently, some people believe that if the government regulates or taxes a business, this does not count as violence or the threat of violence. This is a similar case to how the government is threatening violence against individuals, who must then comply with government laws and taxation. 555 more words


"But I want a society with taxation" - False equivalence

“But I choose to pay taxation to the state and I’m fine with this arrangement. If I want to live in a society with taxation I should be able to” – Does your choice here affect only you? 203 more words


Adventure at Porcfest XI, Part V

One of the nice things about Porcfest was seeing anarcho-capitalists and other folks with extreme views getting along with folks with not extreme views. People who disagree on things can get along respectfully. 429 more words

Hoppe's case for central planning

LewRockwell.com today featured an article by Hans-Hermann Hoppe titled On Free Immigration and Forced Integration.  To summarize it briefly, Hoppe agrees with anarcho-capitalism as the end-goal, and that the progressive fragmentation of government into smaller bits, eventually dissolving entirely, leaving all decisions to individual property owners.   1,599 more words

Biting the bullet on 'Charity Mugging'

Biting the bullet

After I introduce the problem of political authority, some people respond by suggesting that actually, the state is justified because: “theft is justified to steal from the rich and give to the poor if poor people can’t afford to eat”. 948 more words