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Tell the state to stuff it up its collectivist nose.

This guy really does deserve a case of beer. — jlt, 419

One Way To Beat The Clamp

Wow! this guy is very clever !! ….. 173 more words


Discussion with Statist Highlights Opposing Views on the Power of the Individual

This is a discussion I had with a vehement statist on Facebook. I shared it here in its entirety, adding a little commentary along the way. 1,050 more words


There are no guarantees

It’s tempting to think that the government provides some kind of guarantee about safety or prosperity. This is a mistake – there are no guarantees. See… 241 more words


Neoliberalism's Unwitting Dupes


About half a year before the beginning preparations for this essay, I published another called The ‘Right’ Definition of Socialism?  I received a generally positive response to it (from the few who actually read it); about the only criticisms I got from it at the time were my clumsy conflating of the terms ‘social democracy’ and ‘democratic socialism,’ as well as my far-too-facile description of the… 5,908 more words


That's just like, your ideology, man

“But you can’t trust those economists, they have an ideological point of view”, they say. But wait a minute, what is an ideology to begin with? 239 more words