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Russel Brand Is Not Our Revolution

– believes anarcho-syndicalism and collectivism is the answer and that the entire political system is basically a scam, but then says he might run for London mayor… 234 more words


The Split in the First International

Continuing with the installments from the Anarchist Current, the Afterword to Volume Three of Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas in which I survey the origins and evolution of anarchist ideas, in the excerpts below I briefly describe the split in the First International between the authoritarians who supported centralized political parties and revolutionary dictatorship, and the anti-authoritarians, the majority of whom were anarchists. 578 more words


Kropotkin: The Action of the Masses (1890)

Every once in a while one of my older posts starts generating traffic. The most recent example is Peter Kropotkin’s article on “Workers Organization.” In that article, now included in Iain McKay’s anthology of Kropotkin’s writings,  1,847 more words