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A report on the reaction to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, where racist pig Darren Wilson got away with the murder of unarmed black teen Mike Brown. 21 more words

Law And Disorder

To be free is to break the law

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” … 2,436 more words


will the cyberwar between Anonymous and the kkk initiate death squad activity in the US?

a repost of anti-media’s article detailing the cyberwar between anonymous and the kkk is below, but i want to get something off my chest first: 1,809 more words


the US police state is out of control - is armed self-defense a necessary option?

A 17-year-old kid was tased into a coma and suffered brain damage after Officer Tim Runnels arrested him for a traffic ticket that was associated with the car he had borrowed. 1,004 more words


Global Rally for Kobanê

Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm

ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê in northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. 344 more words


#Putin unleashes fury at #US ‘follies’

Neil Buckley reporting,

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Friday accused the US of undermining the post-Cold War world order, warning that without efforts to establish a new system of global governance the world could collapse into anarchy and chaos. 602 more words


despite assurances by ISIS, western media, Turkey's PM Erdogan, Kobane has not fallen

Those who support this struggle for humanity will be victorious; those who positioned themselves on the wrong side of history – supposedly being ‘impartial’ – will drown with the dark forces. 1,424 more words