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MUST WATCH -- Mark Passio - New Age Bullshit Revisited - Asheville, NC

What On Earth Is Happening

This is part 1 of 2 of a seminar which Mark Passio presented in Asheville, NC on March 22, 2014. 107 more words


A Mightier Penn (23)

Gentle Advice: To get the following, I’d recommend beginning at the beginning: A Mightier Penn (1).


After work, Penn made two stops on his reverse commute. 581 more words

A Mightier Penn

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

The “security dilemma,” which is one of the most well-known concepts in the international relations literature, reflects the basic logic of offensive realism. The essence of the dilemma is that the measures a state takes to increase its own security usually decrease the security of other states.

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The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

The first assumption is that the international system is anarchic, which does not mean that it is chaotic or riven by disorder. It is easy to draw that conclusion, since realism depicts a world characterized by security competition and war.

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"street art"

“street art”, 2014
photos, postprocessing: julianrafael

- Driving with style in Frankfurt am Main!


Es ist eindeutig, dass wir haben das 20ste Jahrhundert verließ.

Wann im Ferguson Unruhen passiert. Wilkommen bei der neue Ära. Wilkommen beim 21ste Jahrhundert. Genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt.


The "Truth" About Stefan Molyneux

“Some of my biggest criticisms of Molyneux involves his attachment to false premises, his speculations passed off as “fact”, and his presumptions that he knows the… 22 more words