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Grey's Anatomy: Season 5

It’s all about the moments at Seattle Grace Hospital, life saing and life changing moments. Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fifth Season is the relationship drama with heartfelt emotion that focuses on moments in the balance of life and death, love and relationships and astounding medical cases.Bonus Features Include: Behind the scenes of the 100th episode, interview with Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Jeffery Dean Morgan, extended episodes, unaired episodes, bloopers

Acland’s Video Atlas of Anatomy online until Friday 16th May #otagolib

We have a trial of Acland’s Video Atlas of Anatomy online until Friday 16th May. It “presents video recordings of real dissected human cadaveric specimens. The specimens have not been embalmed and therefore retain the colour, texture and mobility of the living body. 45 more words

Database Trial

In-Between Time

I. Incest

Is never funny 

She says

What about the time Benedict Cumberbatch and the sculpted stork with the doe’s eyes and cinnamon dusting of freckles came close to copulating?  190 more words

Posturing Myself for Success

Notice a difference in my gesture poses from this post and the last post? Well, after I sat down and completed my commercial work for the day, I went back to my sketch journal and felt like I was regressing more than progressing with my gestures. 124 more words

Cerebellum and paleoneurology

Cerebellum is the Latin word for “little brain”. As a portion of the brain, the cerebellum is part of the Central Nervous System. It is located below the occipital and the temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex, housed within the posterior cranial fossa. 458 more words


Fascia-nating: Why a Deep Stretch is More Important Than Ever

We here at The Dog have been geeking out over fascia for some time. Just show up at one of Patti’s Deep Stretch classes and you’re sure to meet a growing number of yogis who have learned from experience how caring for your connective tissue can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. 92 more words