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The Anatomists.

Visceral. Raw.
The anatomists knew.
Slicing through the flesh to find something more.

Exposed. Vulnerable.
Open to all.
Trying to discover what you really are inside. 27 more words



The Angel Academy’s evening anatomy programme has begun for the 2014-2015 academic year.  It includes 15 hours of lectures, 70 hours of drawing from the live model, 18 home assignments as well as an occasional trip to La Specola natural-history museum where students can study from anatomical models. 23 more words

Angel Academy Alumni News


In the morning my cock
And I get along
We hang out

For a bit
Just shoot the shit
Nothing special

He’s a little bit of me… 45 more words


Anatomy (back to basics)

Anatomy!  I’m flashing back to my life drawing class back at Ventura College.  Today was supposed to be Samnee Sunday – but I was behind on my daily sketches.   45 more words

Character Sketch: Corel

I have started another character sketch.  My idea for her was a nymph type creature with long slender ears.  I want her to either be wearing vines and flowers as scarves or a skirt of leaves and flowers.   32 more words


Anatomy: Annabel and Geuliette Week of October 20, 2014

Chapter 7 Quiz on Wednesday, 10/22

Homework Due Thursday, 10/23:  Study Guide Packet pages 66, 67, 73, 74, 75

Skeletal System Abnormality Project Due Monday, 10/27  skeletal system abnormality project

7-12th Grade

The Secrets I Found Inside You

The SecretsI Found Inside You