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I’ve been drawing a lot lately (and even started up a small portfolio to take with me) and I figured I’d share what I’ve been drawing.  462 more words

Good Things


Ha, you wouldn’t know how weird it is when you remember the delicate features the face I that I didn’t include here! highly contradictory with the masculinity of those arms and chest. 9 more words

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the neck

Human body parts. So underrated.

(all of my works can be found on my tumblr and some in better resolution on my dA)

My Art


Many times I tried to express my love for not just the surface of a human being.

My Art


Have I mentioned how much of a soft spot I have for human necks? And since I’m into men…

Anyway, it might be because of that thing I once heard about Japanese culture – that they find female necks and wrists especially appealing and thus the geisha make-up takes special care of those parts. 113 more words

My Art

Bad Timing

You always realize
you are out of tampons at
the worst time. Messy.