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Last piece for Ceramics I: Biomimicry

Though I have enjoyed all of the projects that I’ve been given to work on this semester in Ceramics I, this would be my favorite. Mostly because it allows me to continue to explore ideas and imagery that I’ve been working with in other media: bone forms as a visual language to be arranged in ways I see fit, the way Chinese painters would arrange an ideal landscape. 278 more words


We Don't Need a Brain

How amazing life is. Neurocognition students might like to have a read of an article (and links) over at Corpus Callosum. The report is on recent finding of a 44 year old French man who has minimal brain tissue yet goes to work each day, maintains family relationships, walks, talks, reads and processes the days events much like the rest of us. 290 more words


Braaaaaaain Cake.

As the snow starts to fly and holiday lights start to twinkle, I thought I would share a special cake with all of you. ┬áIt’s a braaaaaaaain! 124 more words


You Are the Sun

Still being in the very beginning of a brand new relationship, I am trying to keep in mind another thing that Grey’s Anatomy has taught me: no matter how much you care about someone, they are not the sun, you are. 48 more words

Medical Illustration: Antiquity and Beyond (Part 3 of 6) - "VESALIUS: High Renaissance"

Few men mentioned above command the significance that ANDREAS VESALIUS (1514-1564 CE) has been favored through medical history. Physicians in the early twentieth century, and probably even today, consider VESALIUS as magnanimous as GALEN and HIPPOCRATES. 2,567 more words


Medical Illustration: Antiquity and Beyond (Part 2 of 6) - "Old Masters, New Ideas"

Few epochs in history reverberate through generations as well as the Renaissance. For the Western World, the Renaissance ushered in promise for a civilization emerging from a world of darkness and plague. 2,410 more words