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Amal Alamuddin brillant article "The Anatomy of an Unfair Trial"

Amal Alamuddin has written a brillant article for the Huffington Post “The Anatomy of an Unfair Trial”. She is currently the lawyer of Mohamed Fahmy, journalist at Al Jazeera English, arrested in Egypt. 12 more words

Amal Alamuddin

Japan's Quest For Freaky, Anatomically-Correct Robots Continues Apace With Kenshiro

Most robots don’t try to imitate the human form. Building muscles, tendons, ligaments and other human structures isn’t cost-effective and honestly it’s kind of off-putting and weird. 181 more words


A&P Chapter 1

Homework: Critical Thinking Questions (pg. 24) #16, 17 & 20 due Wednesday, August 27th

Online Quiz: Take Quiz 1 for Chapter 1 and send me (klewis@lla.org) the results by Thursday, August 18th at midnight. 62 more words



Decellurization is an absolutely fascinating process in which cells are “discharged” from organs, leaving only the connective tissue.

The first step involves the application of a specialized detergent known to be an efficient solubilizer, without affecting the integrity of the protein in the tissue. 99 more words


The Fabrica of Andreas Vesalius: Object of the Month

By Lisa O’Sullivan, Director, Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health

This year we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius with our fall festival, “ 827 more words


Yoga anatomy

Do you sometimes wonder why some positions (asana) in yoga are very easy for you but others are really hard? Or perhaps you have heard that yoga can help with injury or to prevent injury from occurring and would like to know how? 39 more words