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Taking a stand

“Buddhists are no different from nihilists”, “nirvana literally means ‘extinguishing’, or self-extinction”, “Buddhists and atheists deny a self.”, such are the accusations heaped on Buddhism and Buddhists in general, despite the fact that any nihilistic tradition should have long disappeared from history. 6,102 more words


Buddha Vacana ~ The Luminous Mind

91. The mind is luminous, but it is stained by defilements that come from without. Ordinary folk do not realize this, so they do not cultivate the mind. 99 more words


Now how is it again that I'm not my body?

The Buddha is very clear that we are not our bodies. This isn’t a one-off teaching that people have twisted into seeming more important. It’s a core teaching that gets repeated over and over in the suttas. 421 more words


assumed identity

POSTCARD#58: Chiang Mai: Arrived in the early evening and out through the exit tunnel into the airport corridors. Turn the first corner and we’re looking back through a large window at our plane with passenger bridge attached. 830 more words


artificial intelligence

I once met a man
who was building a new head
could he see his own?


The Three Marks of Existence

According to the Buddhist tradition, all phenomena other than Nirvana are marked by three characteristics, sometimes referred to as the Dharma seals: impermanence, suffering, and no-self. 303 more words

New Age Concepts

The Nature of the Mind vs its mental states - Ajahn Mun's key teaching for Ajahn Chah

In your meditation, it is EXTREMELY important to know that there’s a difference between your mind and the mental states that arise and cease within your mind. 329 more words