Strong Female Role Models among Swedish Immigrant Ancestors in Kansas City by Carol P. Christ

When I decided to become a career woman, I thought I had no role models in my family. My parents (who sometimes considered me the black sheep) would have agreed. 1,003 more words


The Spirit of Capitalism vs. the Spirit of Traditional Rural Life by Carol P. Christ

In this picture, Marika from Skoteino Crete toasts our group and downs a glass of her homemade raki. Marika, who is best friends with Christina who makes lunch for us, has just returned from her home next door with her gift of a glass of raki for each of us. 877 more words


The Ghosts of Christmas

Most of us know that Halloween (Samhain) is the traditional time the veil between the worlds is thin and spirits can travel easily between them. 320 more words


A Message from the Ancestors by Carol P. Christ

In recent weeks and even months I have not been my usual cheerful self. After returning from sharing companionship and spiritual vision with a group of wonderful women on the… 727 more words


Why Racism Harms Heathenry

This comment was made on The Wild Hunt recent Pagan Community Notes in response to HUAR calling out Irminfolk as a racist religious group.

“If your definition of the word “hurt” means “Anyone who holds a belief that I don’t like” then I agree, racism hurts people.

1,649 more words