Honoring Our Mothers, Honoring Our Selves by Safa Plenty

“The moon has always been the primary symbol for female energy; its cycle around the earth takes approximately twenty-nine days, the same amount of time as the average woman’s menstrual cycle. 299 more words

Women's Spirituality

Casa Coatlicue by Erica Granados De La Rosa

On a corner adjacent to a cantina, across the street from a home full of barefoot children running through open doorways, and a few houses down from a paleteria y fruteria in San Antonio, Texas, sits a bright white house dressed up in orange trimmings – Casa Coatlicue… 1,172 more words


Social Responsibility of the Artist by Jassy Watson

An artist’s place in society is ambiguous and one not often discussed. Artist’s often have difficulty claiming themselves as ‘artist’ for fear of criticism and rejection both inside and outside the art world and from within. 1,080 more words


The Search For Zedekiah Ledbetter

This post originally appeared on one of my other blogs. Since that blog has moved in a different direction I am experimenting with moving all genealogy-related posts here. 732 more words


Poetry: My Dead Friends

by Marie Howe

I have begun,
when I am weary and can’t decide an answer to a bewildering question

to ask my dead friends for their opinion… 99 more words