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Sure, I'll share a secret (for a reason) family recipe!

My mom has a book of family-favorite recipes she’s collected over the years. Our family refers to it as “The Blue Cookbook”, and we each have our own personal additions to it. 1,070 more words

Family Love And Motherhood

The Seraphim

Through the darkness we came
Our beacons hidden in the cave
Our hearts shunned by the enslaved
But we were kept secret, watching

We emerge in all crevices of our mother… 20 more words

My Shaman Spirit

We are the creators of the world

We create the world we live in
and it is ours to create.

Our ancestors handed us the weapons
wars, fear and other evil things. 126 more words


The Million Go Forth: Early Railway Excursions

This is a guest post written by Susan Major

What was it really like for ordinary people? When I started exploring topics for my research degree I wanted to investigate what the new 19th century railways in Britain meant to the masses at the time, the working classes. 548 more words

Museum News

Maugna Titirangi

It wasn’t exactly the ball of glowing orange energy you would expect to see. – it was shaded by clouds, producing a burning red stripe across a black mesh of ocean and sky. 1,312 more words


The Seau D'Eau Adventure

“It took my breath away.”

“He/She took my breath away.”

“Taking one’s breath away.”

There’s something about having your breath taken away. There’s something so astonishing, so marvelous, so beautifully beyond imaginations that it leaves you grasping for air because it took your breath away. 788 more words


Living While Dying #1: The Diagnosis

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the doctor called with the results of my father’s CAT scan: extensive cancer throughout both lungs.

As I hung up the phone, the drone of the television in the living room reported moment-by-moment news, some true and some outlandish guesses, about two planes that had crashed into New York City’s Twin Towers. 759 more words