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John Vowell Hooker, 11th Great-Grandfather

John Hooker, John Hoker or John Vowell (c. 1527–1601) was an English writer, solicitor, antiquary, civic administrator and advocate of republican government. He wrote an eye-witness account of the siege of Exeter that took place during the Prayer Book Rebellion in 1549. 1,312 more words


Cool Yule

Wishing you all a merry and bright Christmas, and brightest blessings for the Yuletide.

Yule is one of the two solstices in the turning of the years wheel, where the daylight hours stop decreasing and begin to lengthen. 508 more words


Pagan Parenting: Winter Solstice with a One to Two-Year-Old

If you’re a new parent like myself, you may wonder how you can introduce the Winter Solstice to your child, especially when he or she is still learning how to walk, talk, and get control of those little fingers! 891 more words


Thai's Temple in a Cave

Located in Thailand, this beautiful temple is set in Sam Roi Yot National Park. It was built in 1890 for King Chulalongkorn to visit. With the opening at the top, it adds in sunlight shinning on the little temple adding a mystical look.   30 more words


I am in somewhat in some sort of a shitty hole this day’s Dear Jehovah

I am in somewhat in some sort of a shitty hole this day’s Dear Jehovah… My father, yes the old man, decided to take his sweet needed time off of earth and, hopefully, go live in paradise with Christ. 757 more words

When Era-Themed Parties Get Awkward For People Of Color.

Here is a good commentary on era-themed parties and its awkwardness to people of color. It was originally published on Empathize This and it’s a great food for thought. 275 more words

Art Of Resistance

The Greatest Gift

stained with tears of the past
blessed with a collection of smiles
overwhelmed with the priority of joy
every second, every breath
always a gift… 70 more words