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StoryWorth Squeezes Stories Out of All Your Family Members

There’s family, and there’s business. And then there’s the business of family. By some estimates, the family history and genealogy business is worth billions of dollars. 1,205 more words


Families—We All Have Them By Becky Lower

Love them or hate them. Parents, siblings, grandparents, step-brothers or sisters, step-children. See what I mean? Even if you’re an orphan, you had a mother and a father who you loved, hated, never knew, whatever. 677 more words


Powers and Potentials of Low Magic

When I was doing some research for this post I found a bunch a really horrible definitions of “low magic”. Since low magic is traditionally what Witches do, I see a need to spread a more beneficial definition. 687 more words

Climate Change

Peopling the New World Arctic

A new paper reports on a comprehensive DNA study of current and former inhabitants of Greenland, Arctic Canada, Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and Siberia.

M Raghavan et al… 865 more words


What's In a Name

Have you ever wondered where your name came from? Often when researching family genealogy, a namesake from an earlier generation will become apparent. For example: a son named after a grandfather or a daughter named after a favorite aunt. 558 more words

Genetti Family

JH Guthrie and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows

We all feel we have interesting characters in our family trees. One friend of mine has a quote on a pillow on their living room couch that states proudly, … 421 more words

Inspiring People

Till Johannesburg

Credit limit increased
Africa shines inside a twelve week module
Constructed from
Fragment memories
Shards of remembering made-up
Snatches of conversation
The songs we feel… 93 more words