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Family Tree DNA Announces *Free Autosomal Transfer from 23andMe and Ancestry

One of the major announcements this past week at the Family Tree DNA administrator’s conference was that Family Tree DNA will now be accepting, and encouraging, free data transfers from both 23andMe (V3 chip only) and Ancestry.com. 581 more words


Baa Baa Black Sheep

Who’s the black sheep in your family?

I haven’t found any murderers or criminals in my family tree, but the Tories, divorces and suicides have popped up. 415 more words


Tenth Annual Family Tree DNA Conference Day 3

The internet in the hotel hasn’t gotten any faster, so I’ll just be providing highlights and today’s new announcements.  More info, plus pictures, when I get home. 713 more words


Small Items in Newspapers - Hazelton 1949

Do not overlook small items in newspapers. They may be small but they can lead to a wealth of information.

I was looking for an obituary in the 1949… 647 more words


Ancestry Destroys Irreplaceable DNA Database

In spite of petitions and letters and pleas, from their customers, from the genealogy community and from the leaders in genetic genealogy, Ancestry did exactly what they said they would do – they deleted the Y and mtDNA data bases and in effect, destroyed the contents – tens of thousands of irreplaceable records, gone, forever. 377 more words


Meet The Moorers

Through my genealogical research via ancestry.com I was able to connect with relatives in Alabama on my great grandmother Jessie Belle Moorer Cox side of the family. 265 more words


Who do you think you are?

Grandson #1 is just shy of seven years old but far sharper than his age. He and his mom watch the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?”—a show sponsored by Ancestry.com . 236 more words

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