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Creativity: a whisper from the beyond

         CREATIVITY is the soul trying to make its presence felt through the human personality it is encased in. Through the humdrum of daily existence come these whispers from the Eternal Source within us asking us to pay attention, to LIVE and not merely exist. 385 more words


Something to Ponder Next Time You Get Stuck in Your Family History

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Arizona State Fair. Each year one of their biggest attractions is the Native American Dancers that perform throughout the day. 574 more words


Research your family tree

October is Family History Month. That is appropriate since October also celebrates the heritage of German-American, Hispanic-American, Italian-American, and Polish-American groups.

The library subscribes to two… 241 more words


Genetically Speaking, Could We Be Cousins?

Hard to believe, but we just might be near or distant cousins, or cousins once or more removed.  When I started my genealogy research about 35 years ago we may never have been able to answer my question about being cousins with any certainty in a single lifetime. 1,399 more words

Culture & Identity

Ancestral Journeys

by Will Katerberg

My blood is about 2.5 percent Neanderthal and 1.8 percent Denisovan. My colleagues and wife say they’re not surprised. The evidence indicates, however, that all non-Africans are about 2 percent Neanderthal and just under 2 percent Denisovan. 910 more words

Will Katerberg

Part 5: My Mother’s Great Grandfather was Superstitious –A Month of Tales from the Dark Side

I thought I would spend this month leading up to Halloween telling stories of things that happened in not only my childhood, but in the lives of my Ancestors that helped form most of my Mothers superstition beliefs or were a result of her beliefs.  639 more words


Prophesy Fulfilled: Ancestry of Jesus Christ

I love seeing in the Word of God how prophesy is fulfilled. I am currently reading in Matthew, and thought I would share some prophesies of Christ along with their corresponding fulfillment as documented by Matthew. 482 more words