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AncestryDNA Results!

Well iv been excited for this day for a long time, to finally figure out my ethnicity, my family doesnt know much about their heritage and my whole life iv always been told i look a million different ethnicities and iv always wondered exactly what i was. 646 more words

Blogmas Day 25: AncestryDNA Results and Reaction

So I got my Ancestry DNA Results Back!

Here is my percentages

Here’s a video filming my reaction!

It was pretty much what I thought but I can’t wait for the technology to change and more people to add their DNA so I can find more people on my tree! 33 more words

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Thank you gedmatch.com

Lately, I’ve been telling more of my mom’s DNA matches about gedmatch.com – I feel like a gedmatch salesperson or something. ¬†Thankfully, gedmatch.com is free (unless you upgrade for more options) and it has been really helpful in my search lately. ¬† 574 more words


Confused Coconut: My Lifelong Struggle

Most do not know the full extent of how I’ve struggled with my identity. I will attempt to be vulnerable here in hopes that people might understand the magnitude of excitement I feel about something I have done recently. 1,134 more words