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Stigler / Oliphant

I’ve previously made connections to Robert Oliphant b. ~1771 ; d. ~1841 ; m. Abigail Davenport…

I created a family tree based on a 4th-6th cousin match from AncestryDNA and had shared ancestors with the Olpihant side, the Davenport side – one generation down/younger was Mary Oliphant who married William Stigler. 229 more words


Haplogroup H

l’ll be honest – I din’t think haplogroups would really help me at all.. I mean I had no idea what they were!

When I learned that maternal haplogroups are passed down on the maternal side… I decided to dive in full force.   297 more words


Kunz / Streider Family Revisited

After re-evaluating my process, I’ve decided to go back and look at the families I’ve already looked at.

My mom has one 3rd cousin match that has Peter Kunz and Anna Catherine Streider as her great great grandparents.   500 more words


Names, Names, and more Names

It is amazing how I now know the history, or at least partial history of my mom’s biological family. I’ve been able to make connections to families back in the 1700’s.   598 more words


My Process - Finding Shared Ancestors

I was telling my sister how I’ve made some progress recently and I quickly realized that she had no idea what I was talking about and I think it’s because she’s not on Ancestry.   1,043 more words


Dead Ends and More Testing

I’ve been getting NOWHERE lately.

I really thought we had made a connection – DNA matched to one side of the family and a near-identical match to non-ID paperwork.   385 more words


How to Share DNA Matches/Results on AncestryDNA (plus how to compare quickly)

*If someone asked you to share your DNA results with them, skip this intro and go down to step 1.

*If you are trying to figure out how you and another person are related, this will be VERY helpful… Download Google Chrome. 318 more words