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Parents use 'clean language' please!

‘Clean Language’ in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is when we don’t add our own ‘stuff’ , make assumptions about what they mean and allow them to explore their thinking for themselves rather than us making ‘helpful suggestions’ about what they mean or what they should do next,or think even. 840 more words


Anchors Away

In 1985, Intel was a semiconductor memory company. It had been a memory company for 17 years, but Japan was making memory better and cheaper and Intel was bleeding money trying to keep up. 340 more words

Bumpstart Investing

CBS Local 2 Morning News

This clip features condensed “A-block” highlights from a recent solo anchoring performance on the CBS Local 2 Morning News.



Given my perception that the stock market is approaching overvaluation, I thought it would be a good time to review some of the weaknesses that we as humans struggle with when making financial decisions.  727 more words


How to eat 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes (and why setting targets may hold back progress*)

This month, competitors at the height of their physical prowess came together to contest their sport’s most glittering and sought after prize.

No, I’m not talking about the World Cup in Brazil. 1,179 more words


3 Factors in Every Human Awakening

“Spiritual Alchemy is a journey which flows in three parts: awakening (seeing the truth); activating (cleansing and purifying); and anchoring (integration of all the wisdom and lessons which came before, so that you can step fully into your authentic self).” — … 587 more words

The Road To Self-Empowerment

Chapter 1: Anchoring

Anchoring.  It’s important. It’s symbolic of stability … and faith. By its truest definition anchoring is “a source of security and stability.” Without an anchor, ships would set sail with little to no guarantee of safety when at sea. 344 more words

Grandma's Jewels