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Take a break...

Sometimes life simply overwhelms with plenty to do and as well as bringing on a feeling of where to start, what to start first and yet what needs finishing first. 99 more words


Stop Start

Before you can start anything you must first take time to stop, just so you can start over…


How not to give a f*ck : Build yourself a bulletproof vest

    Not giving a f*ck. Alpha male sh*t right there. People who don’t give a darn are always going to be seen as cool people. People who don’t give a flying f*ck about anything, but who do this with a smile, are considered… 729 more words


What can behavioural finance teach investors?

What can behavioural finance teach investors about interpreting financial and economic data? My talk at the Royal Institution’s 14-10 Club offers some examples of behavioural biases from reporting by central banks, companies and fund managers. 16 more words


Chapter 6: Approach

Approach.  It’s paramount.  Why? Because the response is dependent upon the approach. When challenging people regarding their past, whether it’s to determine a crime or a part of their character makeup, it’s important we remember to treat them with respect. 327 more words

Grandma's Jewels