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Friday Fast Five Film Reviews: The Purge Anarchy, Frozen, Anchorman 2, The Boondock Saints, North Dallas Forty

It’s been over a month since we last did this, but we’re aiming to get it back on track and hopefully make it the weekly feature it was intended to be. 910 more words

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Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

When you watch the news or read a journal, do you question what you are reading? Do you completely trust what the news sources are saying, blindly putting your faith in them? 317 more words

Film & TV Weekly Round-Up (September)

What can I say? Real life suddenly got in the way for a month or so and everything slid down the list of priorities. I’ve barely even had time to watch some films in the past week or two. 1,480 more words


i love lamp #buzzfeed

Okay so my obsession with Buzzfeed is getting out of hand. These particular snippets come from the 23 Signs You’re An Awkward Individual….of course. My extremely dry sense of humour loved these two particular points. 32 more words


Ron Burgundy Returned To Help Promote The Stand Up To Cancer Telethon In Typical Burgundy Fashion

Who wants to take one more trip down memory lane with Ron Burgundy? After an onslaught of marketing and coverage during the build-up for… 303 more words


People Really Think Miller Lite In Vintage-Style Cans Tastes Better

Logic tells us it’s impossible for the label on the outside of a container to affect how that product tastes. Human thought processes don’t always follow logic, though. 325 more words