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Four Reasons Why You're Single and Super-fab! - Hayden Ng

If most of your single friends have turned not-so single recently, you might find yourself increasingly frustrated that your own Mr. Right hasn’t magically landed at your doorstep.  218 more words


Casa Loma, the "house" on the hill, more like a castle if you ask me!

I have been banished upstairs as Simon and Ben are watching “Non Stop” with Niam Leeson! Simon says if I watch it I will never fly again! 297 more words

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy-Film Review

“I love…carpet…I love desk…I love lamp.”

As I am not the biggest fan of comedy films, I usually am very critical of them. I know a good comedy when I see one. 130 more words


To hack, or not to hack? That is the question

In an unnecessary film sequel, the infamous Anchor Man Ron Burgundy finally started making some sense towards the end when he said:You see, folks, I’ve read a lot of news in my day, but it’s…it’s taken me until now to realise what real news is. 463 more words


The Greatest Comedy Villains Of The Past 20 Years

What would a great comedy be without a memorable villain? Nothing I tell you! More often than not, villains offer some of the best quotes and scenes in the movie. 708 more words


The Need for an Advanced Defensive Midfielder

If Jonathan Wilson’s bible of football, Inverting the Pyramid, taught me anything, it is that football tactics are a matter of action and reaction. A constantly changing and ever-evolving realm of innovation and countering. 1,495 more words

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