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summer project weekly update 9.14.14

week 12 stats:

miles: 0 + 52.5 cumulative = 52.5/100

meals: 6 + 54 cumulative = 60/75

movies: 1 + 28 cumulative = 29/50

books: 0 + 8.5 cumulative = 8.5/25… 419 more words


The blog with the glass case of emotion

The following morning I feel completely disorientated. There’s a half eaten pizza on the bed and a pack of whoppi pies, that the boy optimistically bought as pudding. 479 more words


The amorphous, evolving, head-scratching vocabulary of an almost-toddler

Car is car. Dad is car. Light is car. Vacuum is car.

My son is basically Brick Tamland. He loves lamp, and everything is lamp. 244 more words