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Dambulla cave temple also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a World heritage Site (1991) , situated in the central part of Sri Lanka. 473 more words

Best places to witness the ancient history of the world

The history of the world is fascinating and at the same time they are equally astonishing. Whenever we look back and see the miracles done in the past, it does not only amaze us but also harness our dream to witness the history. 419 more words


Ephesus & Izmir (the "Modern" City)

Ehpesus (Efes)

Ephesus is a must when in Turkey. Ephesus is an ancient Greek city located just a few km from Selçuk. They are still excavating and restoring the site but the architecture is incredible.   418 more words



თანამედროვე მეხიკოს ჩრდილო-აღმოსავლეთით მდებარეობს, ძველი სამყაროს ერთ-ერთი უდიდესი ურბანული ცენტრი – თეოტიუაკანი. დღემდე არაა ზუსტად ცნობილი ვინ ააშენა ქალაქი, რა ეწოდებოდა მას სინამდვილეში. მაის ხალხის რამოდენიმე მანუსკრიპტში ნახსენებია სახელი “პაჰ”- “ლერწმის ადგილი”, ხოლო სახელი თეოტიუაკანი – “ღმერთების ქალაქი” აცტეკებმა უწოდეს მას. 16 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

You will have to use your imagination to create a street life scene while exploring the ruins of the Roman port of Ostia, which was abandoned after the fall of Rome. 44 more words



The morning of my 54th day in Spain began with a trip to the Ancient Roman city of Itálica about half an hour away from Sevilla. 126 more words

Volcanoes, Lava and Buried Towns

Volcanoes are natural phenomena whose power and devastation mankind has never been able to avoid. There have been throughout history several well known examples of ancient cities and towns from the relatively recent past, mostly destroyed and buried under the lava of erupted volcanoes. 331 more words

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