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Excavation of Mahenjodaro and Harappa

Mahenjodaro situated on river Indus in Larkana district of Sind in Pakistan. It was excavated by R.D.Bannerji in 1992. The main building includes the Great Bath. 72 more words

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Arles: A Town of Old and New

During my visit to Arles, a lovely town along the Rhone River in southern France, I observed a strange and wonderful fusion of old and new, of the ancient and modern worlds. 636 more words


The Acambaro Figurines and the Giants of Mexico

The Acambaro Figurines provide evidence for the existence of giants in Mexico during the time of the dinosaurs. The reason for this is that true scientific facts can neither be faked nor hoaxed. 311 more words

Ancient Civilization

Pythagorean theology: Truth in numbers

In their quest for the ultimate symbols to represent reality the Greeks developed a theological system that although was analogous to the pantheistic tradition within which it coexisted, was relatively independent from it and was perceived to be, at least by the Greek philosophers, ontological prior to the system of gods and goddesses that were wrapped in the myth of history. 1,202 more words


Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Olmecs

When one considers ancient civilizations most think of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Carthagians .. those based around the Mediterranean. Far across the ocean from those who held sway in Europe though a number of Ancient Civilizations not only flourished but thrived well past the date when the Roma Empire (as an example) had collapsed. 385 more words

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