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The Acambaro Figurines and the Giants of Mexico

The Acambaro Figurines provide evidence for the existence of giants in Mexico during the time of the dinosaurs. The reason for this is that true scientific facts can neither be faked nor hoaxed. 311 more words

Ancient Civilization

Pythagorean theology: Truth in numbers

In their quest for the ultimate symbols to represent reality the Greeks developed a theological system that although was analogous to the pantheistic tradition within which it coexisted, was relatively independent from it and was perceived to be, at least by the Greek philosophers, ontological prior to the system of gods and goddesses that were wrapped in the myth of history. 1,202 more words


Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Olmecs

When one considers ancient civilizations most think of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Carthagians .. those based around the Mediterranean. Far across the ocean from those who held sway in Europe though a number of Ancient Civilizations not only flourished but thrived well past the date when the Roma Empire (as an example) had collapsed. 385 more words

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The Great Egyptian Sphinx: A New Look at an Old Monument

One of the greatest archaeological anomalies on Earth is the Egyptian Sphinx. No one really knows who made it or when it was made. This is in spite of the claims of academic scholars. 459 more words

Ancient Civilization

The Seeds of Christianity: The Hellenization of Judaism

With light and insight shed on the competing philosophical and theological systems from the 3rd century BCE to the first few centuries after the death of Christ and the advent of early Christianity, Middle Platonism and Stoicism in particular, we now have the intellectual building blocks from which we find the foundations of early Christian theology are constructed and through which the canonical Gospels in particular, which encapsulate the core life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, are viewed and interpreted by early Christian theologians and apologists. 3,765 more words

Ancient Civilization


I arise

out of time – space:

the father,

the lord,

the God of your gods.


I am primordial.

I ooze.

I bleed.

I cry your life into being. 119 more words


Is This What the Nazis Were Doing in the Late 1930s?

Lost Civilization in Antarctica?


While it may not even be remotely related, it’s fun to entertain the possibility. Look up the Nazi exploration of Antarctic for some interesting reading.

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