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Have you dreamt of killing an ox lately?

If so, your enemies will soon be “removed”…

…according an ancient Egyptian book on dream interpretation.

The book also tells us: if you see a large cat in a dream, you will enjoy a bountiful harvest… 177 more words


Proof 9-11 Known in Advance as Early as 1993.

Proof 9-11 known in advance as early as 1993. Thomas Jefferson Pimped explores this subject full text available at http://www.lulu.com.

Editorial Director Chris King… 1,157 more words

Spring workshop 2015 - first glimpse

River of the Sun:
The Silent Eye workshop for Spring 2015

The Silent Eye are pleased to announce the theme of the 2015 weekend workshop. Further details will follow later in the year meanwhile you can click the links to the previous workshops to get an idea of what to expect. 419 more words


Lost technology of Ancient Egypt - Glassworking

Egyptian knowledge of glassmaking was advanced. The earliest known glass beads from Egypt were made during the New Kingdom around 1500 BC and were produced in a variety of colors. 139 more words

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Lost technology of Ancient Egypt - irrigation and agriculture

Irrigation as the artificial application of water to the soil was used to some extent in Ancient Egypt, a hydraulic civilization (which entails hydraulic engineering).  80 more words

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Portrait of Cleopatra VII

It’s been a while since I last did a photo-manipulation. This is supposed to represent Cleopatra VII, the last and most famous of Egypt’s Ptolemaic rulers. 51 more words