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Austin Spare and Egypt

Spare’s engagement with Egypt and its gods was intense. They were not his only visual resource and inspiration, but an essential one, nevertheless. By itself, an interest in Egypt is nothing extraordinary. 246 more words

Sadigh Gallery | Ancient Egyptian Art Auction

Buy or Bid in this exclusive auction dedicated to ancient Egyptian artifacts. Follow this link: http://www.sadighgallery.com/Egyptian-Auction-Online_c_681.html or Click the image above for more details.


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It's All Opera to Me

Voui venire a un opera? (Do you want to come to an opera with me?)

“Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian,” … 593 more words

Italy 2014

Ayi Kwei Armah brings to us, Sanhat: An Official of Ancient Kemet

Ayi Kwei Armah has brought right to our fingertips, Ancient Kemet…in Akan, Zulu, Ki-Swahili, Ki-Kongo, English, French and Portuguese.

Sankofa: It is good to go back and retrieve that which is useful… 1,638 more words

Rhythms Of Shekere

Genealogy of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

Due to the sheer size I have had to break it up so it is actually readable, its a massive .jpg

Note: A lot of this is conjecture, for a lot of these personalities we still do not have a definitive mummy or tomb.   52 more words

18th Dynasty

Masika the Priestess

Just an Egyptian chick named Masika chillin’ on top of a wall. Actually requested by another user on DeviantArt (the character is supposed to be a priestess of the cat goddess Bastet).