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A world-weary ruler, 4000 years ago

I wasn’t going to post this drawing because I wasn’t really pleased with it.  I do want to learn to enlarge and reduce, so this was an exercise in the former, working from a smaller black and white photograph in Hibbard (not the Charles Sheeler one visible below, a work of art in its own right).  191 more words

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Ancient Egypt Revealed By Peter Chrisp

Quick little nuggets of information. The book is aimed towards short attention spans/children, though some of the images might be better left for older kids, depending on the kid’s ‘too creepy!’ limits. 19 more words


Planning for the Climax

“Come to bed, Marco. You’ve been at it with that map all evening.”

“Sorry, Cleo, Roman war is serious business!”

The map Mark Antony is plotting over is supposed to show the area around Actium, the site of his famous naval battle with Octavian in 31 BC. 42 more words


Autodesk Maya Experiments

Some furniture and other artifacts I made for an Autodesk Maya class I am taking at Mira Costa college. For this specific exercise I went with a vaguely Egyptian theme… 142 more words


Finding the "Awe" in Awesome Art

The monthly ArtSmart Roundtable brings together some of the best art-focused travel blogs to post on a common theme.  This month we are finding Art that Inspires… 1,446 more words



This week is shaping up to be one of culture. The big D is writing a book with my godmother so we have a lot of research to do. 161 more words