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Ancient Egypt

10,000 BC

I recently rented a movie on my Amazon Fire TV – entitled 10,000 BC (Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures 2008): A fictional story of life from our early hunter-gatherer beginnings. 248 more words

Metaphysics & Esoteric

Exodus: Cinematic Success or Not, It's A Failure at History

As Ridley Scott’s Exodus opens in cinemas it is evident that the cast is not the only thing which has been whitewashed

by Yassin Assoudani… 1,569 more words

United States

Let My People Go

Moses, the champion prophet of the Jewish religion, challenges the Pharaoh to release his Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt. I’ve wanted to draw a scene like this for ages now, but the recent release of the Exodus: Gods and Kings movie prompted me to tackle it now. 46 more words


Creation Stories of the Ancient Egyptians: Order (Maat) from Chaos

Cultural Context

As Charlie began to delve into the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, and in particular their cosmology, or mythological description of the origins of the known universe, he found that a narrative of mythology or a book of writings on the topic (like that of Ovid for the Romans for example) was lacking.  2,361 more words

Ancient Civilization