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Religious Dissent in the Context of Politics

In the study of civilisations we find that the concepts of religion are invariably numerous. The historically Christian Europe found itself embroiled in disagreement with the branches of dissenting christian groups gained popular support. 1,483 more words

Ancient Egypt

Historical replica. Well.. sort of.

I just finished this reproduction of a spoon I copied from an ancient Egyptian one. I appreciate the irony in a household pest turned household vessel and the dignity given this humble wooden mouse being included alongside the gold relics in its royal tomb. 57 more words


Egypt will retrieve 239 artefacts from France in the next few days

A collection of 302 artefacts were smuggled to France after illicit digs. After they were seized by the French authorities, the Louvre museum experts examined them and validated the authenticity of 239 artefacts which France is returning them back to Egypt in the next few days. 102 more words


Cake Day

As I looked over my calendar of days, I puzzled over today’s special day, National Cake Day. I wondered why this particular day was chosen. Today’s proximity to Thanksgiving is the major stumbling block to… 835 more words

Cultural Highlights

Today in World History: November 26th

King Tutankhamen of Egypt reigned in the 18th dynasty in Egypt, from around 1332-1323 B.C.E.. His tomb, rather small for someone of his position, which historians attribute to an early death, was opened by Howard Carter and Lord Carnavron. 52 more words


The Feast of Nit: Ancient Egypt's Supreme Being as Divine Androgyne

Nit (pronounced Neet; also known as Net in Egypt and Neith to the Greeks) is among the oldest, most complex of the Neteru (Deities) known to us from ancient Egypt; according to nineteenth-century Egyptologist E.A. 1,772 more words