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Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Cookbook Giveaway

We are, happily, in the midst of a whole grain renaissance.
But we also know that people who are still awakening to whole grains
need great recipes, derived from tradition yet re-imagined for the…
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Così E Cosà

Dilled Chickpea Salad

Recently a new grocery store opened up around here. Well, maybe not exactly a grocery store, but not a farm stand either. It’s called North Shore Farms. 422 more words


Mmm...ancient grains...

We’re just over a week away from our “Baking with Ancient Grains” event at True Grain Bread. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up! 38 more words


Moroccan Kamut Salad

I was recently perusing the grains at the grocery store and came across one that I had never seen before: KAMUT®. It looked like wheat berries, which I love, and it came in pretty packaging, an attribute for which I will eternally be a sucker, so I tossed it in my basket to try at home after a little Internet research. 691 more words

Lunch @ My Desk: Korean Chicken and Ancient Grains

Crazy writing day today here. So having lunch at my desk. This quick stir fry gets a tangy sweet kick from a dollop of Korean Gochujang. 34 more words


Picture This

St. Ludger

Sumptuous color photos of pre-Bolshevik Revolution Russia depict glorious landscapes and an incredible diversity of people in this splashy Smithsonian piece by Natasha Geiling. 41 more words

St. Joseph


If you watch too much television, you would think kasha is only for your breakfast cereal.  You would also believe that that lady in the jeans wanders all over remote areas of the world to find it for you.  363 more words