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Mysteries of Ancient Language: Egyptian Edition

Some of the boys in 2JT have been investigating ancient languages.  Today we had a really interesting discussion about the Rosetta Stone.  “What is that?” you might ask.  224 more words


A visit to Segesta--secondhand.

I have yet to visit Sicily, though a couple of my favorite books about Italy take place there. (See the book reviews here and here… 107 more words


It's not a Gratitude List

- it was going to be, but when I sat down to type out the things I’m grateful for in this moment, the first thing which sprang to mind was the phrase: “The love of a good friend” and my internal censor screamed: “You can’t write… 240 more words

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Homer's The Odyssey Review

Alas, the day has come. I have finally finished The Odyssey. I can check one book off my list. I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be reviewing this book, so dear to my heart. 701 more words


Allusion to Forms in Plato's Theaetetus

Between having had two undergraduate courses on the Platonic dialogues —one on ancient Greek philosophy, one on Plato’s dialogues, specifically, and having read the remainder of the dialogues on my own—, I had never encountered the “Unitarianism versus Revisionism” debate, until taking (currently) a graduate course on Plato’s theory of knowledge.  947 more words


Food for Thought-4 Leadership Lessons from Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas was (and still is in many circles) an intellectual rock star.  He brought back Aristotle to the Christian west in the Early Middle Ages and that helped prime the pump for others who were also preparing the way for the Renaissance.  377 more words

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How to write Greek Uncial

Have you ever wondered how to write in one of earliest Ancient Greek calligraphic scripts? Wonder no more! I’m happy to present the first video I’ve made for Found in Antiquity, so that you can see first hand how to write the alphabet in Greek Uncial. 1,360 more words

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Found In Antiquity Carla Shodde For lack of time I'll reveal tomorrow the secret of secrets. (How to Learn Ancient Greek in 7 days)


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Mario: "A lose lose situation then" "Not at all. It will allow readers to rest on the Seventh Day, according to Universal Good and Justice" Fulvia: "I don't get it" 30-year-old Samnite Youth: "Daje Fulvia, you'll get ahead one day by just watching Carla Shodder writing in Greek Uncial ca. 350 CE." *Fulvia is staring*[Just ancient craftiness, her inner soul is void, blank void]
  Capitoline She-Wolf. Rome, Musei Capitolini. Public domain