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The chapel on the sea


Κύπριδος οὗτος ὁ χῶρος, ἐπεὶ φίλον ἔπλετο τήνᾳ,
αἰὲν ἀπ᾽ ἠπείρου λαμπρὸν ὁρῆν πέλαγος,
ὄφρα φίλον ναύτῃσι τελῇ πλόον ἀμφὶ δὲ πόντος
δειμαίνει, λιπαρὸν δερκόμενος ξόανον. 123 more words

Ancient Greek

Language-learning problems...

Specifically, problems trying to learn dead languages.  (Re-learn, actually, but close enough in this context.)  Because if I were to feel that I couldn’t learn enough German through a workbook or learning software, it would be easy to get lessons, either through my university or through a language school. 691 more words


Half of 'Agamemnon' at Madingley Hall (12-14 September)

To start off with, Tony Verity emailed us:

A message for you in preparation for tackling Aeschylus at his most baffling.

To the brave Aeschylus group: 492 more words


Heraclitus and custard

καὶ ὁ κυκεὼν διίσταται μὴ κινούμενος

If you don’t keep stirring the custard it separates.

Actually κυκεὼν doesn’t mean custard but a sort of mixture of barley, grated cheese and wine. 799 more words

Ancient Greek

Reading of the Odyssey in reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation

I found this while browsing YouTube videos and it brought tears to my eyes within the first few seconds. There’s something so emotional, and yet so relaxing, about hearing these words as they were pronounced 2500 years ago. 97 more words

Ancient Greece

Teach yourself with Heraclitus

I am currently reading the works of Heraclitus from quite an old book – Heracliti Ephesii Reliquiae by I. BYWATER printed in 1877. The book is falling apart but I hope to reach the end before it finally disintegrates. 569 more words

Ancient Greek

Of East and West

September 12 490 B.C. is the historically accepted date for the Battle of Marathon, where 11,000 Greek hoplites faced off against an invading Persian army of some 25,000 soldiers that landed on the beach north of Athens. 215 more words