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On Genius

Last night while translating Ancient Greek (the life of a Classics major…) I heard a quote.  Which may or may not have been from the episode of Criminal minds I was watching whilst reading  353 more words

Ceremonial Entrance to the Palace of Knossos, Late Minoan II (ca 1450 BCE) & Megaron of the Palace of Pylos (ca. 1300 BCE)

A richly evocative painting of the Ceremonial Entrance to the Palace of Knossos, Late Minoan II (ca. 1450 BCE): Click to ENLARGE:

Another lovely painting of the Megaron of the Mycenaean Palace of Pylos, ca. 6 more words
Linear B

Five Reasons Why I Love Turkey

Our time in Turkey was filled with wonderful people, delicious food, and incredible experiences. We went out and saw as much as we possibly could, and here’s a small taste of some of my favourites from our adventure in Turkey! 769 more words


An undine (also spelled ondine) is an elemental of water and the word itself is derived from the latin root “unda” which means wave.  Guardians of the west and ruled by the moon, the undine in the tarot is represented by the suit of cups.  466 more words

Palamedes and the Alphabet?

The date attributed to the writing down of the Homeric epics is connected to the earliest evidence for the existence of Greek script in the 8th Century BC. 108 more words


It's all Greek to me

A few years ago I studied a semester of Classical Greek and realised quickly that I was never going to be an expert. A beautiful language, its grammar has been more than a match for smarter people than me. 1,100 more words