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77017: Skeletal Swordsman (Reaper Bones)

Since Marouda is building an Undead army for KoW, and was interested in practicing/learning how to paint more gooder, I dug out the undead Bones figures from their first Kickstarter. 540 more words

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Apostle: A Possible Postulate

I’ve been studying the word “apostle” recently.  While I don’t have any “ground-breaking” things to say, I did realize some things that I hadn’t noticed before. 2,561 more words


So You Give Some Writers Some Cows

Another form of blatant literary fantasist/obsessive behaviour from me. There are some internet trends that never die… (or maybe they do and I just haven’t got the memo). 268 more words


The Bronze Bull

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything new. Basically, I haven’t done any painting from the first couple of days of October until about two weeks ago, mostly spurred on by playing a lot of… 234 more words

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Keep Your Greek (1)

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Pick up your Daily Dose of Greek videos by Dr Rob Plummer here at: 

Write out or recite the Present, Active, Indicative of λυω 190 more words

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“ became influential because they knew what the ancients knew, because they tried to write as the ancients wrote, because they began to think, and soon to feel, as the ancients thought and felt” (Jacob Burckhardt, … 25 more words

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