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2: Theogony (Hesiod)

Steve suggested it was time to go right back to very beginning and so we read the entirety of Hesiod’s Theogony, which is akin to Genesis, except that it has a lot of extraneous mythological stuff tacked on the end (including an extremely sexist digression about the First Woman which Steve had the misfortune of reading). 411 more words


Facebook Before Facebook: Tagging in Antiquity

This is a guest blog by Sarah E. Bond, ancient historian in the Classics Department at the University of Iowa. The post highlights the link between media in the past and in our own digital world, a theme that is frequently addressed here.  1,153 more words


Thinking on Mothers, Chiding, and Children

One of Aesop’s most alarming fables is that of a bad child who blames his mother for his death. As the fable goes, a child brings a stolen book to his mother; however, she does not chide him for the deed. 902 more words

Thinking Ancient Greek

Thinking on Servants, Masters, and Donkeys.

Χαίρετε (greetings) fellow οἰκέται (servants of the household). Aesop has me thinking about slaves in a cautionary tale of consistency. Is the grass greener on the other side? 290 more words

Thinking Ancient Greek

Thinking on the Ego, Friendship, and Friends.

It is time for some Ancient Greek. There was a post in Latin which had Cicero saying “A friend is another self.” Remember that? Let’s do the Greek version, which predates Cicero by at least 400 years: 96 more words

Thinking Ancient Greek

30 Day Book Challenge- Day 10

Today’s 30 Day Book Challenge question: A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

The book I read that I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up loving was The Iliad by Homer. 46 more words

Artemis Davidson - Language and Perception? (Part IV)

We have finally come to the final and, hopefully, most exciting entry of this entire series! After taking a long journey through the formality (also called “politeness”) of Japanese and English and comparing the two, after seeing how Japanese has… 2,082 more words