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Half the World May Have Scandinavian Ancestry, the Vikings Really Got Around

The Vikings raided France, England, Scotland, Ireland and they raided the Middle East as well. When they went into Lebanon, they left their genetics behind and when you travel through the back roads of England, you will see colorful Nordic longboats in canals. 114 more words

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Peru Mysteries: The Sculpture Park of Markahuasi

Markahuasi has to be seen to be believed!

It has been dubbed the playground of the Gods. High in the mountains, 88km from Lima, Markahuasi is yet another strange phenomenon in Peru. 1,218 more words


Top 10 Biblical Archaeology Discoveries in 2014

From the translation of a Babylonian “Ark Tablet” to the resurfacing of a skeleton from Ur in a museum basement, 2014 was a year full of exciting Biblical archaeology discoveries and new interpretations. 439 more words

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Constantine And Christianity

In 306 Constantius I Chlorus, formerly a caesar, was co-emperor ruling the West. He and his son Constantine crossed to Britain and drove back an invasion by the untamed tribes north of Hadrian’s Wall. 758 more words

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Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of Achilles

Four separate episodes from the life of the Greek hero Achilles decorate the sides of this Roman sarcophagus. The front shows Achilles desecrating the corpse of the fallen Trojan hero Hektor by dragging it behind his chariot. 180 more words

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An Overview of Egyptian Ushabtis

Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art presents a Brief Overview of Ushabtis “Servants of the Afterlife.” Visit our website www.sadighgallery.com to see our entire Ushabti Collection and more… 13 more words

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