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Issues of Colinization

Later On, there was an issue with the United States being founded.  When the thirteen colonies became the United States of America and the Treaty of Paris established the Mississippi as the western boundary of the country, the Americans vied with the English for the fur trade in the area. 153 more words


What Was There? (Continued)

Shortly after the Indians were there, the white fur traders came along. They would travel from lake to river, from river to lake, and from lake to lake, on the same paths that the original occupants used (these paths are now called the portages). 149 more words


Cosmovisions And Lost Traditions of the Inca

An Insight into the Inca: An Interview with Abraham Valencia Espinoza

There is little information about the Inca available in English. Before I embarked on my travels to Peru however, I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with a delightful and very helpful lady, Fresia Orihuela of Daily Tours in Cusco (Av. 2,074 more words


What Was There

Just a few hundred years ago, the BWCA was occupied by many different tribes of Indians. The main, and most recognizable tribes that were there were the Huron, Chippewa, and the Cree. 61 more words


Machu Picchu Part 2: Are the Most Famous Ruins in Peru Older Than we are Told?

Archaeological scholars generally speculate about things they don’t have answers for, whereas researchers investigate deeper and find evidence to support their theories. We see this contrast in approach at Machu Picchu. 1,623 more words


What You Don't Know About Machu Picchu

You don’t need me to tell you that Machu Picchu is Peru’s biggest tourist puller. So forget I said that; this blog is about things you don’t know. 1,737 more words


Whose history?

It’s nice to believe people. When someone writes a book and slaps ‘history’ on the cover, it is tempting to believe in the authority that word implies. 423 more words

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