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Reclining Youth

Reclining Youth, Cinerary Urn, Early 4th century BC, Bronze; l of stand 69 cm, h of figure 42 cm

This item was found in Perugia in 1842. 95 more words

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Ancient Civilizations Explained #2 – The Badass Mesopotamian Cultures

Article by Zachary Gladstone-

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, none of this is going to make sense. Go back and read it… 1,810 more words


The Six-Inch Tall Humanoid... Heard Any More About It?

I heard about it from more than one news source, the story about the six-inch humanoid that was found, was it in Africa? Last I heard, a Stanford researcher said it was definitely humanoid and they knew little else about its origins. 140 more words

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Ancient World Jewellery

Armlet in the form of a snake, Maker unknown, Egypt AD 1-100, Gold

Source: Victoria and Albert Museum

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What Does Anglican Mean?

Although England and English start with an “e,” an Anglican derives from the Latin word Angli, referring to one of the Germanic tribes who conquered England in the 5th century A.D. 100 more words

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Gold Aureus Of Emperor Caligula

Roman, AD 40
Minted in Rome, Italy; found in southern India

Roman gold goes east

This coin was made in Rome in the first century AD, but was found hoarded together with many others in southern India in the late nineteenth century. 160 more words

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Arabic Culture Brought Trade... Including Banking

During the medieval era, crusading knights thought they were the most civilized and advanced in all the world. Little did they know that the Turks saw them as ignorant barbarians. 141 more words

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