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Statue of a Crouching Lion

This crouching lion with its head turned to the left originally afforded symbolic protection to a grave in Athens or its territory. The lion’s face and mane are stylized, and its body is rather doglike. 131 more words

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The Archetypes of Chan Chan: Archaeologists Are Still Talking Bull…

On the taxi-tour around Trujillo´s Chan Chan archaeological sites and museums, Americo drops me off at the Casenelli Museum. A group of guides sit on plastic chairs just beyond the front entrance. 813 more words


Getting to Know Chimu: Archaeologists Are Having A Laugh!

A Tour of the Chan Chan Complex and Bonus Sites

Chan Chan is fairly quite high on the list of things to do in Peru. It’s a national treasure and the Peru tourist industry promote it only slightly less than Machu Picchu. 1,148 more words


The Importance of the Andean Cross to the Inca and Earlier Cultures

To the Inca and other ancient Andean cultures before them, the Andean Cross, otherwise known as the Southern Cross or the Chakana was not just a sacred symbol that reflected the constellation of the stars, but represented the entire conception of life on Earth. 869 more words


What we call myths

When you google ‘classical myths’, or go to the library, you will almost certainly end up with a text that which claims it contains “The Myths of Greece and Rome”, or “Classical Mythology”, or “Legends of the Ancient World”. 1,364 more words

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Saving The Colosseum

Living History : Saving the Colosseum by Darius Arya

“I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Colosseum, but I can’t enjoy it because of all this scaffolding …” a lament we hear more and more as the epic monument undergoes an even more epic clean up. 70 more words

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Dedication By Alexander The Great To Athena Polias

Greek, around 330 BC, From Priene, Asia Minor

In 336 BC Alexander the Great embarked on a programme of territorial expansion, which would eventually extend the boundaries of the Greek world to Egypt in the south and to India in the East. 193 more words

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