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What we call myths

When you google ‘classical myths’, or go to the library, you will almost certainly end up with a text that which claims it contains “The Myths of Greece and Rome”, or “Classical Mythology”, or “Legends of the Ancient World”. 1,364 more words

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Saving The Colosseum

Living History : Saving the Colosseum by Darius Arya

“I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Colosseum, but I can’t enjoy it because of all this scaffolding …” a lament we hear more and more as the epic monument undergoes an even more epic clean up. 70 more words

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Dedication By Alexander The Great To Athena Polias

Greek, around 330 BC, From Priene, Asia Minor

In 336 BC Alexander the Great embarked on a programme of territorial expansion, which would eventually extend the boundaries of the Greek world to Egypt in the south and to India in the East. 193 more words

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Next Semester

I await the release of my marks with bated breath. But in the meantime, what am I taking next semester?

I am very much looking forward to doing only one language, for the first time so far in my degree. 243 more words


Indus Valley Civilisation


The Indus Valley, located in the north east of the Indian subcontinent and including portions of modern India, Pakistan, Iran, China and Afghanistan, was once home to the largest known ancient civilisation in history. 950 more words

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You're Never Too Old. Saint Patrick Was Sixty When He Set Out On His Mission

Some folks think they’re over the hill at thirty while some believe their best years are ahead at fifty. Our lives give us many hills to climb. 95 more words

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Apotheosis of Lucius Verus

Apotheosis of Lucius Verus (detail). Scene from a cycle “Apotheosis” of the Parthian frieze from Ephesos.Dolomitic marble from Thasos.186 x 163 cm. After 169 (166?) A.D. Vienna, Ephesos Museum.

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