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Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of Achilles

Four separate episodes from the life of the Greek hero Achilles decorate the sides of this Roman sarcophagus. The front shows Achilles desecrating the corpse of the fallen Trojan hero Hektor by dragging it behind his chariot. 180 more words

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An Overview of Egyptian Ushabtis

Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art presents a Brief Overview of Ushabtis “Servants of the Afterlife.” Visit our website www.sadighgallery.com to see our entire Ushabti Collection and more… 13 more words

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Hatun Rumiyoc - The Great Inca Walls of Cusco

During the reign of the Incas, Cusco was the capital of Peru. Its name derives from its original Quechua name, Qusqo, meaning the naval of the world. 1,429 more words


Chavin de Huantar And The Sacred Meaning of Seven

Until the discovery of Sechin Bajo in 2008, Chavin de Huantar was thought to be the oldest civilisation in the Andes. Originating in the Amazon jungles of Peru, their culture dates back to 1200BCE. 1,489 more words


Never Better

At the first,
nothing was wrong.
And as it happens,
time broke down
as it always does
and nothing was right.

Forgive me if I’ve learned… 24 more words