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What You Don't Know About Machu Picchu

You don’t need me to tell you that Machu Picchu is Peru’s biggest tourist puller. So forget I said that; this blog is about things you don’t know. 1,718 more words


Whose history?

It’s nice to believe people. When someone writes a book and slaps ‘history’ on the cover, it is tempting to believe in the authority that word implies. 423 more words

Ancient History

Improve Your Health And Personality: Balancing Chakras With Practical Exercises

Energy chakras are controlled by your mind and your emotions. They can be underactive, overactive or a little skewed, but at their most potent make you feel and behave better. 2,800 more words

Self Help

“Many people have gone missing in this area,” my guide, Juan Jose told me. “Children, groups of musicians; all just disappeared.”

We are on the edge of a field in the middle of nowhere, 12,800 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains and 35Km from Puno in the south of Peru. 1,008 more words


Statue of a Crouching Lion

This crouching lion with its head turned to the left originally afforded symbolic protection to a grave in Athens or its territory. The lion’s face and mane are stylized, and its body is rather doglike. 131 more words

Ancient History

The Archetypes of Chan Chan: Archaeologists Are Still Talking Bull…

On the taxi-tour around Trujillo´s Chan Chan archaeological sites and museums, Americo drops me off at the Casenelli Museum. A group of guides sit on plastic chairs just beyond the front entrance. 814 more words


Getting to Know Chimu: Archaeologists Are Having A Laugh!

A Tour of the Chan Chan Complex and Bonus Sites

Chan Chan is fairly quite high on the list of things to do in Peru. It’s a national treasure and the Peru tourist industry promote it only slightly less than Machu Picchu. 1,148 more words