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Daily Post : Five Posts to Write Right Now (part 2)

I went to that school for seven years and I can’t remember a single lunch that my mother packed for me. 488 more words


Ancient Civilizations Explained #2 – The Badass Mesopotamian Cultures

Article by Zachary Gladstone-

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, none of this is going to make sense. Go back and read it… 1,810 more words


Where is Archaeology Blogging Going? #BlogArch

This month is the last month of the Blogging Archaeology Carnival that you may have seen participation in on other blogs and websites as well as GraecoMuse. 589 more words


Easter, Resurrection and Chocolate Bunnies: Social Marketing Through the Ages

Easter is one of the holiest of holidays for Christians.   And with Easter’s roots in antiquity, we can see why the symbolism of this holiday continues to give succor and hope to believers today. 1,077 more words


Roman Roads

Speaking of roads, they were another of the few projects mandated by the centralized Roman government.  They were used both to meet enemies quickly as mentioned, as well as to help with the Empire’s other main goal: tax collection.  142 more words

Ancient Greece

Roman Imperial Governance

Professor JP Johnson’s latest installment!

The first true Roman Emperor, Augustus.

Imperial governance in the first two centuries CE was unlike what we may think of when we think of an empire.  256 more words

Ancient Greece

Looking Up the Mountain

From the ever-reliable Wikipedia:

The following core principles of source criticism were formulated by two Scandinavian historians, Olden-Jørgensen (1998) and Thurén (1997):[4]

  1. Human sources may be 
1,420 more words