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Culpability of Kings (Part II)

Archelaus: What is a just law?


Kallikrates: A law that will best satisfy the needs of the people and will preserve their lives and dignity. 550 more words


Pagans Had Some Weird Views about Christianity!

When Christianity was new, pagans saw it as mysterious and secretive. They thought it was like some wacky new cult with some weird rituals! At one time, they thought that the Christians worshiped donkeys! 153 more words

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Syncretism is the blending of cultures or religions. Syncretism was prevalent in Pagan religions like the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. The Romans considered the Greek gods to be analogous to their own gods (Zeus/Jupiter, Poseidon/Neptune…). 149 more words

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Award Winning Documentary Film on UFO Secret & Alien Signs

UFO Congress EBE Award Winner – Best Documentary & Peoples Choice Award. Now featuring one of the best documentaries ever produced on the question of an Extraterrestrial connection to the Crop Circle phenomena. 11 more words

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Babylonian Medicine

A curious mind in my 11 am section asked why the Babylonians didn’t have professional physicians like other ancient societies such as the Egyptians.  At the time, I didn’t know the answer.  150 more words


Schools Through the Ages

At first, people were educated by their parents in things like how to do things around the house and a trade. Other community members also helped teach children how to do stuff too. 196 more words

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Happy Birthday Caligula! Born August 31st, A.D. 12

Born on this day in Ancient Rome, the future Emperor affectionately known as “Little Boots” who would make his horse a senator and kill many innocents for his own amusement