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Bradley Loves has left a Comment for us all . . .

At the moment of this publication, Bradley’s recent post published on November 21, 2014, called THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY has received 11,384 hits, and the counter shows no signs of  422 more words


My Viking Journal: A Brief Introduction to the Vikings

Despite the stereotypes of Vikings being vicious rapists, maniacal murderers in horned helmets, and demonic iconoclasts who ransacked churches without regard to consequence: we should remember that there are always… 1,585 more words


It's (Not Quite) All True: Josephus - The Jewish War

The Jewish War by Josephus 

(trans. G.A. Williamson, revised with notes by Mary Smallwood)

Generally, the winning side wrote Roman history. When Carthage and Rome clashed or when Caesar ran amok through Gaul, Hannibal and Vercingetorix didn’t get to tell their sides of the story. 906 more words


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Why don’t we eat hot dogs on Thanksgiving? Or a seafood feast? Whether it’s roasted, smoked or fried, with cranberry sauce or smothered in gravy, turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving in the United States and has even infiltrated various other Thanksgiving feasts around the world. 847 more words


Why Was Murder Preferrable to Marriage in the Case of Cleopatra?

It is the year 308 BC; fifteen years after the death of Alexander the Great. During this time, his empire has been unofficially divided between his closest companions: Ptolemy, a Macedonian general and one of Alexander’s oldest friends, has control of Egypt; the one-eyed general Antigonus has Asia Minor and Syria, and Cassander – son of the late great general Antipater – has forcefully taken over as regent of Macedonia and the Greek city states. 1,022 more words


Today in World History: November 26th

King Tutankhamen of Egypt reigned in the 18th dynasty in Egypt, from around 1332-1323 B.C.E.. His tomb, rather small for someone of his position, which historians attribute to an early death, was opened by Howard Carter and Lord Carnavron. 52 more words


The Iliad in translation

Here are two translations of the Iliad for you to consult:

  1. Ian Johnston’s translation, which is more recent but written in verse; and
  2. Samuel Butler’s translation…
  3. 30 more words
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