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Queen Satiah

  • First Chief Wife of Thutmose III
  • Titles; Kings Chief Wife (hm.t nsw.t wr.t) and Gods wife of Amun (hm.t nTr)
  • name means ‘daughter of Iah (Iah being the moon god)
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Princess of Mitanni

Wife of two Kings of Egypt

Tadukhepa was a Mitannian Princess sent to Amenhotep III by her father, King Tushratta (mother Queen Yuni) as part of a diplomatic marriage forging a familial bond between the two kings.   177 more words


Popular street food of Delhi

New Delhi is not only well-known as the capital of India, for those historical monuments, or its ancient history. It is also famous for the popular street food. 92 more words

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What interests you in history?

I am curious as to what others find fascinating in history?  Perhaps the first question I need to ask is what do you consider to be history? 324 more words

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Robots vs Plato

A workmate of mine is in the final year of his engineering degree. He’s great. He’s never cared for the humanities, or left-wing politics, and I don’t know anything about the sciences or sports. 170 more words


Literacy in History

Literacy was uncommon amongst the general populace for a very long time. In antiquity, it was mostly scribes and people who could afford an education could read and write. 151 more words

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