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Viking helmets and double-horned penetration.

Everyone knows that the two-horned Viking helmet was invented to increase the apparent ferocity of Viking raiders as they invaded and pillaged civilized towns along northern European coasts. 151 more words

Hearts of Stone

Have you ever heard of the Manpupuner rock formations? Me, neither! At least, not until today’s session of aimless web wandering, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a photo of these strange and beautiful rocks. 407 more words

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A little Egyptian magic for Christmas

It is the end of term and it is fair to say that our entire household is looking forward to a rest. We have all suffered from one form of lurgy or another over the last couple of weeks… perhaps not the best state to be in to tackle Christmas. 442 more words

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Circle jerks and public sex at ancient Stonehenge.

Archaeologists have very recently uncovered the true history of the mysterious ring of standing stones in Wiltshire, England called Stonehenge.

Erected approximately five thousand years ago, Stonehenge has been an object of speculation in the minds of many throughout modern times. 153 more words

Military History of the Roman Republic (Part 1)

Military History of the Roman Republic (Part 1)


  • Traditionally dated to 509 BC, and ending in 27 BC
  • During this period Rome expanded from the City of Rome to control most of the Mediterranean world.
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Biblical History: What Kind of Games Did Ancient Jews Play?

I’ve been reading a Biblical encyclopedia and ran across an entry about games and entertainment. Scouring through the Bible, researchers found that among “serious-minded” Jews, music and dancing was usually of the religious nature. 222 more words

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