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Lammasu on Lammas

Lammasu on Lammas,

guarding the gate

with the rosette of Inanna

and the blessing of Ishtar.

Courtesy of Ancient History Encyclopedia


Rosettes of Inanna. Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. 7 more words

Democracy: A Greek Myth

According to one philosopher, “women were failed males. It was their lack of heat that made them more ‘formless’” (Garland 110).* This evolutionary step downward was “the first step along the road to deformity” (110). 513 more words


Come to the House of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 29-30; 32-34

I published another article about select sections of the Old Testament (otherwise known as the Hebrew Bible).  This article is entitled: “Come to the House of the Lord. 158 more words

Genesis 5 - Intentional Contrasts and the Sumerian King List

Before we consider the contents of the text at hand, it would be wise of us to recognize that we are looking at a unique type of literature that is no longer used today.  2,390 more words


Genesis Among the Creation Myths

There are well recognized parallels between Genesis 1 and 2 and other ancient Near Eastern creation myths. Archeologists tell us that the Mesopotamian and Egyptian myths predate the Biblical account. 897 more words


God Creates, So Should We

The book of Psalms reminds us that our purest theology comes out in worship, in the creative expression of the believer. Humans are creative beings. Being Image bearers means that it is not only humanity that is creative, but God as well. 736 more words

Jewish Roots Of Christianity

Big in Ugarit

Ever wondered what people rocked out to in the Levant during the Bronze Age? Of course you have! Open Culture have posted an interesting wee article… 180 more words

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