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Our mid-month (well, late-month) catalog is ready to peruse!   This list features our complete selection of Archaeology / Ancient Near East titles.

Here it is-  enjoy!

Archaeology/Ancient Near East, January 2015


Greater and lesser failures

Apologies for the long winter silence, I won’t make excuses; partly because they’re boring and partly because they’re not very good. At any rate, I’m back in Iraq and back on the blog. 553 more words


Alleged Oldest Fragment of the Gospel of Mark Found on Mummy Mask

The news and inter-webs are abuzz over the recent details coming out about the alleged discovery of the oldest fragment of the gospel of Mark on record. 626 more words

Ancient Near East

The Mysteries, Myths, and Legal Texts of the ANE. Oh, and a Grenade Launcher.

This is not a post about philosophy, theology, economics, or a critique of culture. I probably have too much built up in my system and need to write a post about something a little more theory oriented; however, I took some great pictures while at the British Museum and have to share them. 265 more words

Web Round Up #3

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.
119 more words

Web Round-Ups

Sumerian Hymn

Today I stumbled upon a link to an article that discusses “the oldest song in the world,” from Sumeria dating to around 1400 BCE. If you found last week’s discussion of music from ancient Babylon interesting, you should definitely check this out. 49 more words

God Doesn't Do Contracts

Today I write of afterthoughts of yesterday and foretastes of Sunday. The word covenant is one of the greatest words in all of scripture. It appears when God comes to Noah after the Flood, giving the rainbow as a sign. 263 more words