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“Just Exactly What Are You Up To?”

Then ask: “What is your point?”

We ask this of each other constantly: “What’s your point?”

We also ask it of poems and movies and op-ed pieces and windy monologues and sermons and sacred texts and profane screeching. 467 more words

Communication Is About Relationship

To My Friends Who Have Abandoned Faith

Kathleen Norris: Acedia and Me

If you’ve been turned off by the excesses of evangelicalism or the big-business, industrial mindset of a megachurch, or if you’ve become weary of a clergy-centric approach to faith, or if you are tired of trite, pat answer to life’s really thorny questions, consider reading Kathleen Norris’ Acedia and Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer’s Life (NY: Riverhead books, 2008). 301 more words


How You Say: Not Just “What” But “When”

A word is a fuse. Light the fuse.

I’m teaching a freelance copywriting class at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul. Yesterday was our first day and I wanted the students to begin the shift from writing papers for professors to writing words to make a difference. 364 more words


I love the smell of failure in the morning

Fail faster!

Reading student critiques of their social media experience is a highlight for me.

Everyone fails.

It’s impossible not to.

No one achieves the thing they set out to do, mostly because what they set out to do was so vaguely defined as to be well, impossible. 247 more words

Communication Is About Relationship