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From Rome, Italy (1)

I always wonder how people can take this kind of photos? Maybe you know, Istanbul is a big city and it almost never sleeps. Even you go out at 7 am, it will not be easy to find such an empty place with a perfect subject. 141 more words


a castle-like village

This castle-like village embodies the North architectural style in ancient times, as well as the traditional culture and customs, founded in 1573 AD, before lived more than 400 people, now only less than 100 people. 7 more words

Society And So On

and the Dog went on...

I’ve been writing my Dad
about the vet bills
Roxy and my cat Pruf’s
expenses are more
than any of ours.

We’ve been going back and forth… 217 more words


Home, Sweet Home

There’s no other place like home where we feel safe and comfortable. No matter if we travel and how many countries and continents we’ve visited, our roots bring us back and drag us to our homelands where our families and friends are, where we were born and brought up. 703 more words

Let's Travel

Interesting Facts about Guitars

The guitar is a principle stringed instrument that is an integral part of various musical styles. It is a common sight concerts promoting Blues, Country, Rock and Mariachi performances across the globe. 17 more words

The life of Skyrim.

Divorcing gets a letter from the Jarl of Falkreath wants her (yes, my character is a woman named Mi Mi don’t question my intelligence… There’s only some). 433 more words