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Groundhog Day

In the movie Groundhog Day,
Bill Murray has to live the same
day again and again.

The day of sun and wind,
when we met at the Blue Danube, 128 more words



It’s hard to imagine that not too long ago everywhere we placed our feet we touched the Earth and were directly connected to her energy, and sensed that as long as we respected her she would take care of us. 317 more words

The Empress

The queen of sensual pleasures
seated in a lush garden,
love flowing from her,
creating from her womb, her heart.

Let me awaken her within myself: 39 more words



Deep in the earth, I walk in a tunnel,
I cannot live only in the sunshine;
the sound of faraway water, or is it a cello playing, 100 more words


Rousseau's Dream

Painting by Henri Rousseau, The Dream

Moon in the deepening dusk
awakens a vision of harmony,
each separate thing
part of the whole,
one with nature… 38 more words


Past Life Together: A Fragment

Beneath the brilliant sky
the dark sea heaves and rolls;
our boat lifts and drops
as you pull the oars,
guide us
towards the narrow inlet, 44 more words


Orpheus and Eurydice

How steep the rocky path, how dark,
how often Orpheus must have longed
to look back and reach out his hand;
Finally he turned around, only to see her… 50 more words