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Ancient Woodlands

England’s diverse and beautiful landscapes are justly famous the world over – from the dramatic summits of the Lake District to the gently rolling countryside of the Garden of England. 572 more words

a walk through ‘hallowed’ ground

chapel wood 19914[i]

a local woodland, newly discovered, a sense of the sacred and a poignant reminder that our work can reach beyond our own immediate realm of influence. 224 more words

Environmental Art

John Muir by Chloe D

John Muir was born on 21 April 1838 in Dunbar and died on December 24 1914. He was a naturalist , he was passionate about nature. 72 more words

Home Education

John Muir Award week 3.

Week 3 of Forest School began with getting used to a new setting. Weeks one and two were held in Cannock Chase, but it was necessary for a new and more permanent environment to be found and this week we were introduced to the area that we will be working in up until Christmas. 379 more words

Home Education

John Muir Week 2

Week 2 of John Muir award was spent getting the group aclimatized to both the outdoors and to each other.
The kids were encouraged to work with those that perhaps they didn’t know as well as the ones they regularly hooked up with and they undertook a trust exercise. 155 more words

Home Education

Summer festival fun

At Heartwood Forest, over 2,000 people enjoyed the annual summer festival which is themed around trees, woods and art. There were more than 60 different stalls for people to engage, each offering a children’s activity from charcoal drawing to kite making – it was quite a sight see all the children running around flying their kits in the slight breeze. 79 more words


The 2014 Heartwood Forest Sleepover

The Heartwood Forest sleepover gives us all the opportunity to experience Langley Wood in a whole new way. Building your own shelter, cooking food over an open fire, learning bushcraft skills, woodland games, spear making… the list goes on! 125 more words