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Brash, clear it, or leave it?

Clear it…… but be prepared for another round of damage .

After our Pines were felled, we were left with vast amounts of brash. So much that you could not walk in a straight line, there were huge no go areas and so it really had to be cleared. 649 more words

Ninewells Wood

Grass Roots Bio-Diversity.

Here’s a political picture: four man-made layers  — you just know it’s wrong.

In contrast, the farmland we tend here in Wales is designated by the Government as 100% habitat (which is probably true of most places if you know what you are looking at) — but it’s official,  half our land is ‘oak and wild hyacinth’ — bluebell woods to you — ancient woodland that was felled after the war for pit-props for the economic recovery and grazed until 2006 when the Forestry Commission, with unusual wisdom, offered us a modest grant to replant and, more importantly, to exclude grazing for 15 years. 647 more words


Sun through the Trees

The sun beaming through the trees leaves us with a very powerful image. The featured photo above was taken in Ancient Woodland, Peak District, UK during autumn.

Wildlife encounters

I regularly walk a route that takes me down a cycle path and through a narrow strip of woods. Like many of the cycle paths round here, it’s a former train line, so the trees and undergrowth have probably reasserted themselves. 334 more words


Skipton Woods. Yorkshire Dales.

  Skipton Woods has been part of the landscape for over 1,000 years. Lying directly behind Skipton Castle, the peace and tranquility of this  ancient woodland lies in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of  this market towns busy High Street,  just a stones throw away on the other side of the castle. 351 more words

Yorkshire Dales

Letter to the community

The following is a letter to the community from Buckfastleigh Community Forum to inform and update all residents in the Parish of Buckfastleigh on the current planning application Gilpin Demolition have submitted on Whitecleave Quarry. 674 more words