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Greece. All time classic!

Greece is a country of breath-taking landscapes, amazing islands and seascapes, paradise beaches, mountains of unparalleled natural beauty and cultural sites of global prominence. Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic is located in Southern Europe and shares borders with Albania to the northwest, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the northeast . 469 more words


Ancient Olympia: Let the Games begin

Celebrity athletes, elaborate construction projects, political infighting – when you think about it the Olympic Games haven’t changed all that much since they first started in Ancient Greece. 1,256 more words


Pele's song

Pele did not often visit Kauai or Oahu, preferring to spend her time in her great estates in the Kona part of the island of Hawaii, where she had many baths designed for her comfort and attention. 47 more words


Day 6 - Shopping and Strolling in Antigua, Guatemala

Although my cold, which feels more like a flu, is progressively getting worse, I am still very much enjoying my Guatemalan adventure. Today was my 2nd day in Antigua, Guatemala, which looks remarkably like Cusco in Peru. 793 more words



Age discrimination can be hazardous to your health, a new study by researchers at Florida State University’s College of Medicine has found.

What’s more, people who see themselves as targets of age discrimination are likelier to be in poor health than victims of race or sex discrimination, according to the study. 118 more words

Puuhaaiwi's canoe

Puuhaaiwi had promised his king to build him a great canoe that could seat thirty of his warriors. But the tree would not give up its wood, and Puuhaaiwi became worried. 194 more words


The Mysterious World of Buddhist Sculptures: 1

Being a Japanese art history student, I had the hardest time appreciating Buddhist sculptures. In the first place, they all look the same; gold, serious face and postures. 192 more words