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Dreamwalkerdiaries: Manifestation 101: ONE MILLION DOLLARS

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(this is a “handshake” symbol – I saw this as a diamond superimposed over a triangle)

This is Adama. 724 more words


Removing the Shackles: The Roles of the past, and the "Blame" that is external.

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This morning, after being offline for 3 days (soo sooooo busy in the community right now!) (and yes, an update is coming very very soon!), I had mountains of skype messages to go through, and was afraid to even open my email, lol. 1,564 more words


Understanding the Dreamtime by Judith Kaylara

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This article is about the inspiration that an Indigenous lady imparted to me. A few months ago I wished to have friend that had integrity, someone that I could learn from, someone whom understood the ‘Dreamtime’, ‘Dreaming’. 1,097 more words



Sit for a short time; then take a break,
a very short break of about thirty seconds
or a minute.

But be mindful of whatever you do, 126 more words