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ICAZ goes Andean

The 2014 conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ2014) is all over, and it will be another four years before this eclectic bunch meets again. 454 more words


As rich as Potosi...

High in the Andes (4,000+m above sea level) sits an old, sad, little city whose thousands of miners every day climb deep into the mountain next door to extract from its heart what they can. 495 more words



Salar of the skies
what forlorn rusted crags
tear against
your saline shores
Their black shadowed gullies
hold minerals
and ancient new-world ghosts
but nothing more… 141 more words


Santiago vs Coney Island

What, you may ask, do those two titular locations have in common? The answer is: hot dogs. Santiagans (?) just love hot dogs. (And I am warning you now, I better not see any “Chile dog” puns in the comments section of this post.) … 1,468 more words


The Sounds of Music (We Will Not "Rock" You)

I recently blogged about the “girl groups” of the 60’s. And although “oldies” music is my favorite since that’s what I grew up with, I also appreciate other genres. 240 more words


Machu Picchu with a 4yr old

Seeing Machu Picchu for the first time is like a picture perfect postcard coming to life followed by a massive “wow” and “it’s real, stunning” 1,030 more words

Preparing For Peru

Сальта-Качи. Снова Аргентина

Вы думали, мы попрощались с Аргентиной? Нет, не попрощались) Из Сан-Педро мы поехали через Анды в аргентинский город Сальта. 8 more words

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