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TV Recap: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 2, Episode 5

Last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine revisited the now-annual Halloween bet between Peralta and Holt. Last year, Jake bet Captain Holt that he could steal his medal from his office by midnight on Halloween. 464 more words


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2.04 “Halloween II”

Full disclosure, I love Halloween episodes. My favorite characters doing crazy things in wacky costumes? Count me in! Plus, I really enjoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween episode last season, so I was excited to see what they would do this year. 811 more words

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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.03, "The Jimmy Jab Games"

“Last week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine went out of its way to frame its titular precinct as a teeming breeding ground for friendship. This week, “The Jimmy Jab Games” reminds us that not everyone in the Nine-Nine is so lucky, with a subplot revolving around Boyle, Hitchcock, and unexpected evidence of the former’s steamy affair with Gina. 51 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.02, "Chocolate Milk"

“How do you give Joe Lo Truglio cornrows without according the entire cast ofBrooklyn Nine-Nine ample opportunity for joint ridicule? If the entire squad can spend a protracted opening segment making fun of the Sarge for making the grown-up choice to get a vasectomy, then why can’t they also get together to squeeze off a full clip of puns and potshots at Boyle’s new ‘do? 52 more words


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 02×03 ‘The Jimmy Jab Games’: On your mark, get set, Wahlberg!

If this wasn’t a callback to The Office‘s “Office Olympics”, I don’t know what is. This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct had unexpected downtime waiting for their motorcade duty, which just happened to align with Captain Holt and Terry being out of the office. 90 more words


TV Recap: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 2, Episode 3

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “The Jimmy Jab Games,” focused largely on an intra-office competition. When Terry and Captain Holt leave the office to request money to investigate the new street drug, “Giggle Pig,” Jake spearheads the office’s seventh installment of the Jimmy Jab Games. 549 more words


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: "Chocolate Milk" - I Forgot You Were a Rosshead

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In short: we get a little more back story on Holt’s time as detective during the good ole seventies (always a pleasure), Terry and Jake clarify their relationship status, Amy gets to use her brown-nosing skills for good, Rosa helps Charles out of an extremely uncomfortable situation, and Gina once again shows off her palm-stinging BAMF-ness. 2,614 more words