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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

For the uninitiated, this goofy police comedy — now in its second season — feels a lot like the 1970s series “Barney Miller” (if you’re under 30, look it up). 46 more words


You Should Be Watching: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Few shows make me laugh. Even fewer shows make me physically laugh out loud. When a show accomplishes the latter, I take notice rather quickly to see whether the writers can continue to deliver or if it was all some misleading fluke. 663 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.06, "Jake and Sophia"

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: a celebration of women in power. First and most significant, we have Amy Santiago stepping up to become the precinct’s union rep after enduring some pretty heavy duty cajoling from both Diaz and Holt. 66 more words


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Hits A Home Run With The Stupendous Andre Braugher

The Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a tiny bit uneven in its first few episodes last year, but it was always clear that it had the goods. 9 more words


Television Magic: Andre Braugher Shouting 'HOT DAMN' On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued its strong sophomore season last night with an episode about Jake (Andy Samberg) hooking up with a defense attorney played by Eva Longoria, and that is officially all the analysis you are going to get out of me because I need to get back to watching this Vine of Andre Braugher shouting “HOT DAMN” over and over until I die. 128 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.05, "The Mole"

“There are two primary differences between this week’s episode, “The Mole,” and October’s overreaching seasonal joint, “Halloween II”: one, “The Mole” is successful at developing characters and constructing jokes. 79 more words


TV Recap: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 2, Episode 5

Last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine revisited the now-annual Halloween bet between Peralta and Holt. Last year, Jake bet Captain Holt that he could steal his medal from his office by midnight on Halloween. 464 more words