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Mitchell Migraine: 'Barack, Do Something!'

One or both of Andrea Mitchell’s kneepads must have finally worn through. “Why are they got their feet in cement?” Mitchell queried her fellow stooges correspondents in her “The Daily Fix” segment on… 470 more words

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[VIDEO] Andrea Mitchell: Why Does The White House Have Their Feet in Cement?

“It seems as though they are always reacting to the VA, to this crisis, to that crisis, rather than anticipating that this was developing along the border.” 49 more words

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary is ‘Out of Touch’ VIDEO

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary is ‘Out of Touch

VIDEOWashngton Free Beacon ^ | June 29 2014 | Washington Free BeaconPosted on 6/29/2014, 1:44:44 PM by PoloSecNBC’s… 361 more words

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Clearly This Is The Most Inept Administration in U.S. History

So I’m watching Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, I don’t know why, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway, she has Chuck Todd on to talk about this PFC. 437 more words

[VIDEO] REWIND: White House Expected...'Euphoria' Over Bergdahl Release?

Hot Air’s ALLAHPUNDIT comments:

“…As for Todd’s point about the White House expecting “euphoria,” there are only two possibilities. One: Despite a Pentagon investigation in 2010 into Bergdahl’s disappearance, despite… 502 more words

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Because Everyone Needs One Sometime

Besides not making anything like money, a key requirement of my non-profit status is the regular posting of public service announcements. Like this.

I’m not making fun of Nipple Hair, btw. 22 more words