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We all know about jihadists, but what about those waging an ‘anti-jihad’? Bolt never talks about them. Send funds to them we will raid you

Unfortunately, jihadists make headlines while those who wage the anti-jihad rarely do. After all, everyone has heard of Osama bin Laden, but few know of those standing up to would-be bin Ladens across the globe. 434 more words

Andrew Bolt

Australians band together to show support for Muslim community Something you don't hear about on Bolt's blogs

Two Muslim men who have experienced the rising tension in the community since the terrorism threat level was raised said it is affecting everyone, from their wives and children to the elderly. 429 more words

Andrew Bolt

Climate Change Doubt - 18 Years Of No Global Warming

By Andrew Bolt ~

Could doubts about the extent of Global Warming be starting to creep into some sections of the media.

America’s CNS reports: 194 more words

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Andrew Bolt recruited bogans to abuse anybody that looks slightly Muslim. Hipsters will be shaving for Bolt's sake


Ex-pat Kiwi Lucas Pollard mistaken for a Muslim by a group of hoons who threatened and labelled him a terrorist

Andrew Bolt

Climate Change: Don't believe everything you read.

Over the coming weeks Jamie’s Pages will be presenting a series of articles on climate change and the environment. The first of these articles looks at how the issue of climate change is covered in the Australian media. 2,005 more words