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1071 Journalists Killed since 1992 ,707 Journalists Murdered, War and Journalism is a deadly occupation

 Andrew Bolt

“These signs from a Sydney protest suggest beheading is indeed considered by many Muslims to have religious sanction. These protesters haven’t just independently dreamed up some punishment of their own”………….In short they are here!!

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Obama Claims To Know Islam Better Than The Islamic State Chief

By Andrew Bolt ~

Barack Obama claims the beheading of James Foley is non-Islamic:

So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.

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Public Opinion

Melbourne & Sydney were Voted in the Top 5 of the Worlds Friendliest Cities. Bolt, Blair & Devine Aim to Destroy That..Verbal Terrorist Mongers


Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine are the sad reflection of  radicalized fundamentalists no matter what religion or ideology . They might not be physically disposed to terror but they ar disposed the a terror of another kind VERBAL TERROR , MEDIA TERROR,INCITEMENT OF TERROR. 425 more words

Not just a story of bad white policeman shooting down innocent black man

Not just a story of bad white policeman shooting down innocent black man.

It takes a while but the truth does come out eventually, though a lot of people will never believe the evidence based story.

Andrew Bolt