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the left's moral bankruptcy ...

Andrew Montford, over at Bishop Hill’s blog is the usual host for Josh’s funnies, also shown at WUWT, except it’s not so funny any more. Their agenda is putting the strain on the poor, and less fortunate, in Africa and India, and the rest of the ‘third world’, and putting the frighteners on the fast growing poorer sections of the Western world. 281 more words


Of tweets, twits and the factually deficient

In a blogpost at Bishop Hill, a few days ago, Andrew Montford described the BBC’s Tim Willcox as:

Potty mouthed, bigoted, biased. He’s probably due for promotion.

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I thought that I would post this video of Scott Denning talking at the Heartland Institute Conference on Climate Change in 2011 (H/T Willard). It’s an interesting talk, although I don’t agree with everything he says. 618 more words

Climate Change