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The Royal Society & the Scottish Referendum

Why did a scientific organization issue a statement about the Scottish independence vote?

The Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy, is supposed to be about science. 587 more words

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The best evidence we have!

Brian Cox took a bit of flack because of a Guardian article about a speech he’d given in which he appeared to be suggesting that – when discussing climate science – scientists should sound more certain than they are. 851 more words

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I think I need another break!

I think I probably need to take another short break from all of this online nonsense. I’ve recently been commenting on Bishop-Hill and had been quite enjoying it. 732 more words

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Salby again!

After my last encounter on Bishop-Hill, I had a thought that I might simply avoid commenting there. However, when someone suggested that Rupert Darwall was a perceptive chap, I couldn’t resist pointing out that this was only true if… 545 more words

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Woo hoo, fame at last!

It appears that I now have my very own Josh cartoon, currently being promoted on Bishop-Hill and Watts Up With That. I think I made an appearance in an earlier one, but this is the first to focus only on me (I think William Connolley has a pithy comment about things being about him, but I can’t quite remember it). 256 more words

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A new tagline?

I’m starting to think that it may be time for a new tagline. It’s not that I don’t intend to continue trying to keep things civil, it’s more that my tagline seems to be more a rod for my back, than anything else. 318 more words


Some kudos

In a recent post, Andrew Montford appeared to associate me with Paul Krugman and Michael Mann. August company indeed, although I don’t think it was intended as a compliment. 608 more words

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