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CNN aboard plane searching for possible debris from Flight 370

CNN’s Andrew Stevens (@andrewcnn) reports from Perth, Australia on the Royal Australian Air Force search for possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Earlier today, a CNN photographer was onboard the RAAF C-130J Hercules aircraft, which was tasked with dropping data buoys into the search zone.

Andrew Stevens


You know Hollywood, if someone works once, they have to try it again. 3 years after Scorned, this sequel was made. Written by Sean McGinly and directed by Rodney McDonald, this film as Tane McClure taking over the lead role of “Amanda Cressfield” (strangely, no mention is ever made of her real name, Patricia Langely). 831 more words



If they ever create an official Softcore Movies Hall of Fame, then Shannon Tweed would have to be the first actress inducted into it. She was making softcore films before the phrase softcore was invented. 850 more words