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Rape culture

This blog is about “rape culture” (an invention of such “man-haters” as Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon in the 1970s), “The Affair” (a Showtime series), and postmodern treatments of the battle of the sexes. 477 more words

Herman Melville


Giedre Dukauskaite by Hilary Walsh for Glamour France December 2014

Our Androgynous Apocalypse

I grew up loving George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Mad Max series. All of us, like rubber-neckers at an accident, have some inner fascination with the potential for a complete collapse and destruction of the existing order and the hope for something new, and often the human imagination projects such yearnings into art in a unique way.  798 more words


Androgyny got me

My first girl had a pure gold ring on a lip that is not on her face.

She wore only one earring on one ear, as if she could somehow have known that I find that Bowie-style wolfishness sexy beyond scale. 107 more words

The analysis of data

Presents data gathered professionally through the use of charts and diagrams to provide an interpretation of their meaning. what does the data suggest and what conclusions can you make… 391 more words


How do I research for ‘Androgyny’

In order to know about the androgyny, I made the research about this phenomenon through reading books, websites (including blogs), and I went to high street and luxury shop to look at the product and seek for people who wear it.  460 more words



 Some icons of rock n roll, androgynous, bad ass style. 9 more words