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We should all respect the Mother/Father Essences Energies, but we should also respect the unique individuality that we are that is ever expanding and yet unchanging just like the Mother/Father One. 104 more words

I Owe Prince My First Pair of Heels

I first heard Prince as an uncommonly innocent 8th-grade tomboy (all green and no purple, you might say) but from my first listen, I never looked back. 842 more words


The Profoundness of "Alone Together" | Steven Universe

The Cartoon Network series, Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar, is a refreshingly beautiful and emotionally tinged sci-fi/fantasy series about a young boy named Steven, who lives with his three guardians known as the Gems: consisting of Garnett, Amethyst, and Pearl, all of whom protect the world from evil monsters and invading forces that are related in some way to their alien Gem heritage. 2,156 more words


Androgyny and the Uncanny &c

Bere is my bachelor’s thesis, with my own words removed. It is titled “Androgyny and the Uncanny in Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness… 1,368 more words

Parallel To Writing

Is antisemitism rational or irrational?

This blog continues the theme of my last blog: http://clarespark.com/2015/01/15/antisemitism-vs-anti-zionism-is-there-a-difference/.

There is a hot debate among academics over whether antisemitism is rational or irrational. My own position is that antisemitism is both “rational” and “irrational.” Above all, it is the intellectual combativeness of “the Jews” that makes us eternal wanderers, modernists… 665 more words


Smoking revolution continues its way

For holidays I came back to my small town and unfortunately there is nothing to do and this is hard to enjoy Fashion when population is old and with so few shops. 541 more words