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1.5 years on T without noticeable masculinizing changes

It’s been a year and a half!  I increased my dosage of Androgel, slightly, about 3 months ago (from 1 pump of 1% daily to 1 pump of 1.62% daily), and still, I’m not seeing physical changes (which is still a big part of my goals).  521 more words


Hair Dye is Coming.

That was supposed to be a Game of Thrones reference. I don’t think I did so well. But who cares?
Point is, tomorrow I’m going blonde. 50 more words

Shadow Play

Model – Renee Best

We used a strong single studio light to create the shadow effect for this shoot. This is a part of my ongoing Androgynous series. 13 more words

Female Model

Fat Positive clothes swap

So on the weekend I experienced my first clothes swap! The Lovely Kirsty Fife and Claire Chattermonkey hosted it and it was an amazing first experience. 267 more words


Boy or Girl, Both or Neither. None of your concern.

When I was about eleven, I got my first pixie cut. I thought it was weird how the hairdresser kept asking me “That short, really?”. That was only eclipsed by how the women kept picking at my head mistaking my dandruff for lice. 437 more words

Androgyny-an exploration through ambiguous imagery




This project was part of my A levels, In which I explored androgyny through the use of ambiguous imagery. Artists such as Sarah Lucas influenced my progression through this project, as well as my research into icons such as andrej pejic and my study of the natural world and what we consider to be specifically male or female, for that matter even human. 61 more words

The Future of Fashion: Unisex

We are all familiar with androgyny on the runway thanks to designers like J.W. Anderson, Thom Browne, and Jil Sander. These designers have popularized this trend to the point where it’s no longer out of the norm to see men wearing feminine silhouettes and vice versa. 197 more words