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Why You Should Set Up Your Own Community Fiber Network

Between the net neutrality debate and the Comcast/TWC merger, high-speed Internet access is getting more attention than ever. A lot of that attention is negative, and rightly so: Internet access providers, especially certain very large ones, have done a pretty good job of divvying up the nation to… 10 more words

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UK Prime Minister Holds First Ever Startup Pitch At No.10 Downing Street

UK Prime Minister David Cameron played host to the first ever tech startup pitch event at his residence yesterday, entertaining 10 high-growth tech companies, venture capitalists, angel investors and invited guests on a hot Summer’s day in London. 23 more words

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Wearing a Fitness Monitor Won't Make You Fit

Nor, for that matter, will wanting to get fit make you fit. No, getting fit will make you fit, and you don’t necessarily need a fitness tracker or an iWatch or any other wearable to do that. 17 more words

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Typo's iPhone keyboard is back and it still looks a lot like a BlackBerry

Auto-correct fails can be pretty hilarious, but if you’d rather avoid them altogether (boo!) maybe a litigious phone case’s second coming is up your alley. See, earlier this year Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone accessory company, Typo, found itself on the… 10 more words

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Google's Scrapping One of Its Mystery Barges

One of Google’s giant barges, which has been sat in Portland Harbor since last October and was planned to be an invite-only showroom , is being scrapped.Read more… 10 more words

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How to Care for Security of Your Apps during development of Android Apps

One of the reasons why Android is still not considered to be a reliable platform for enterprise mobility solutions is because of various security issues. However, Google’s recent launch of KitKat and for that matter the whole of the 2013 was a constant effort to make Android more enterprise friendly and thereby more secure. 481 more words


eBay is winning at gender diversity in technology

Online auction service eBay has followed in the footsteps of other tech companies and published a diversity report of its own — one that indicates that it’s winning at gender diversity in the workplace. 18 more words

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