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How to use Robolectric and still make real HTTP requests

Recently, I have been writing some unit tests for my application using Robolectric. The framework and plugin has allowed me to write some plain unit tests using Mockito which is great, however, today I came across a feature that I didn’t want to take advantage of. 264 more words


final keyword in java and android


1) To prevent the inheritance  : Let have two class A and B. A extends by B. and it worked fine

 public class A {
  public void prind() {
   System.out.print("You can inherit me");
 public class B extends A{
  public void prind() {
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First android application

This is the video i found on youtube while i was searching for something to start with.This video will help you in answering following questions: 215 more words

Basics of Java from Android Development Point of View


This article starts with comparing Java with other programming languages,platform to use for android development and then moves to object oriented concepts classes,object,inheritance,interfaces and packages. 20 more words

Ohio Linux Fest - Android Development on Linux - Audio Version

I had this file hosted on my Google Drive but I was getting feedback from some people that they were having issues listening or downloading. So I’ve uploaded it to SoundCloud.


Ohio Linux Fest - Updated Slides from 2014 Presentation

Now that I’ve made you wait long enough, here’s the updated presentation. I’ve made it available in three different formats so hopefully it’ll cater to your viewing pleasures. 32 more words


Ohio Linux Fest - The Aftermath

I’m back home from the Ohio Linux Fest and I’m very, very tired. As much as I want to write more, I think I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the time being and just give a minor overview and save most of the major content for some of the upcoming podcasts that I’m going to be co-hosting to go over the event. 357 more words