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Firstly, you’ll be pleased to know that ART is designed to be fully compatible with the Dalvik bytecode format, dex. You may, however, run into problems when using native C or C++ code. 149 more words

Android Development

Android Studio - Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK] Error

I’m trying out the new Android Studio for development of Android Apps since at the time of writing, the sample codes by Google are only available for this… 219 more words



So my whiteboard fell off the back of my desk last night. It’s a big, heavy whiteboard too. It fell, like a guillotine, and has basically sliced a plug socket off the wall. 225 more words

Eclipse - Android - Embedding The Web Into An App

In a nutshell

  • Include the WebView widget into your layout
  • Add relevant string resources in your resource file
  • Program the WebView widget in your java activity file…
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Why Google Say Sorry for its Wearable Devices?

Google’s wearable technology or say Android wear, have been capturing technology market headlines lately; but before we all get too excited about these devices, in some cases, not necessarily for all the right reasons, as concerns regarding personal and public privacy have undoubtedly been raised. 596 more words

Android Development

Development Journal - Designing Service Dialects

I think one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, aside from keeping up with emerging technologies at a pace that “relatively” parallels the speed it crops up, is thinking about and designing how a service will communicate with its potential clients. 942 more words


More Android Basics

( revived from October 13, 2013 post )

Android is developed using the Java language, so if you were familiar with the Java Swing GUI toollkit, Android Java functions are just similar. 288 more words

Android Development